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When will America be ready for diesels?

Yet one more thing for Europeans to ’tisk-tisk’ at Americans over. Diesels. Consumers on the old continent have made their choice – over the last couple of decades they have come to love their torque-y…

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Rowing Gears: Can Heritage Hurt A Brand?

Rowing Gears is a new column that will offer in-depth articles and analysis of the BMW brand by the BMWBLOG editor Andrew Murphy. Recently, while as a group the BMWBLOG team was mulling over the…

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Editorial: Further Thoughts On the i Brouhaha

The story of i’s demise (or, at least, diminishment) continue to make the rounds of auto sites and have even percolated up to generic news aggregators. In most cases the stories reflect on the dismal…

Editorial: Top 3 Things That Make You A Better and Safer BMW Driver

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Editorial: BMW ActiveHybrid 5 and ActiveHybrid 3

The meeting where ZF pitched the 8HP eight speed automatic to BMW would have been interesting to attend. To have seen the wheels turn as the BMW engineering team recognized the flexibility of the transmission…

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Column: Why BMW?

Why do we like the things we like and choose X over Y? Why do some of us choose coffee over tea and Apple over Android? Why donuts over muffins? What are the reasons we…