Jeremy Clarkson: “BMW 1M Is The Most Fun Car of the Year”

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BMW 1 Series M Coupe UK Version 2011 1600x1200 wallpaper 14 750x500

Top Gear’s famous host Jeremy Clarkson is known for not easily warming up to BMW vehicles, but in his latest DVD dubbed “Powered Up”, the …

Top Gear’s famous host Jeremy Clarkson is known for not easily warming up to BMW vehicles, but in his latest DVD dubbed “Powered Up”, the funny Brit praises not one, but two BMWs.

The 2011 BMW 535d Touring M Sport takes the crown as the 2011 Car of the Year, while our favorite, BMW 1M is labeled as the “Most Fun Car Of The Year”.

Clarkson places the 1M ahead of the McLaren, Ferrari FF and 458, Nissan Skyline and the Lamborghini Gallardo Performante. This is without a doubt one of the most selective companies the 1M can find itself within and it shows one more time that the 1M is all about raw handling, dynamics and pure driving joy.

BMW 1 Series M Coupe UK Version 2011 1600x1200 wallpaper 14 655x491

The DVD can be purchased from Amazon.

21 responses to “Jeremy Clarkson: “BMW 1M Is The Most Fun Car of the Year””

  1. 123 says:

    What do you think? Did he get paid or this is absolutely unbiased opinion?

    • Arwar says:

      well he did like 1m in Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson unbiased? He has always been biased, overlooking logic and common sense. However this time around he seems to “get” what BMW’s are about. If you are hinting that he might have been paid for this opinion then you can’t imagine how much money he already has, why would he risk his credibility and fame by accepting a bribe?
      Think before you post such nonsense.

      • 123 says:

        I don’t know. It just seems a little bit strange. I’ve watched almost everything that Jeremy has put on television or DVD and he had never been a fan of BMWs let alone a diesel one. And now he chooses the 535d Touring as the most important car of the year!?

        As for the 1M – I know they liked it on Top Gear, but how much does he actually like it? Does he own one? As for the money – too much is never enough. Top Gear’s opinion is sometimes very, very important, especially in the UK. I’m not sure but I think that after the X3 review the sales in UK went down.
        BMW is trying to increase its image in the UK, especially now when they have been chosen as the official partner for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

        • Manchester Man says:

          Shut up man you sound like a whining girl! If you actually watched the episode when Clarkson drives the BMW 1M you will see how much he liked it, he said it was the most perfect car since the first golf gti. So stop doubting the capabilities of BMW M.. afterall they are the king of performance machines.

          And as for the 535d, why shouldnt it get car of the year? Its good looking, very powerful, very economical and got the best handling out of its rivals so voila!

        • Fredyschiftan says:

          The man drives many cars every year !!  you should respect his opinion as someone who knows what he is talking about !! How many cars have you driven this year ?  ?  

          • Giom says:

            You can not respect his opinion. He admitted that he didn’t like BMWs because of the stereotype driver. Then, all of a sudden, those people moved to Audi and now BMWs are cool. What is respectable about that!?

            I don’t like Audis! I have an opinion about Audi drivers. If I was an auto journalist and that ever came out, I would not be respected in the industry. The same should apply to him. But, somehow, it doesn’t. Yes, he drives a lot of cars, but he still doesn’t give a damn about each and every models design breef and market research. Then either he likes it, or he insults the designers, the company, the people who drives it…

            That is not respectable!

          • Anonymous says:

            The bit where they criticize the BMW drivers and Audi drivers was when they were doing the “Cool Wall”. Jeremy said he didn’t think BMW’s were COOL because of the drivers. He has allways liked the handling and feel of BMWs. And beside you can’t take everything that is being said on TG seriously, the show is supposed to be a laugh as well.

  2. Giom says:

    It does baffle me what he likes and doesn’t like. There’s no logic there. He, himself, seems to be utterly confused about his own tastes. But, your turn is your turn, and we’ll accept this accolade from the confused one…

    • Clarkson has always liked fast, fun BMW coupes. E46 M3 CSL, 135i…
      And while he has always been a bit of a diesel hater in the show, he came away impressed with the E60 535d, the A8 TDI, The Jag S-Type diesel… I don’t see any inconsistency here.

      • Arwar says:

        Yep he is definetly a confused one, although he always paid his tributes to BMW, but only after he had told us what an IT yuppie tool or cock-car it is. For example in E60 M5 review, he utterly destroyed it, blaming absolutely everything like technology, electronics, looks. But in the end he said that the car is a true joy to drive and still the best in the segment. So I never really understood if he digged the bimmer or not, but right now it seems like he has made up his mind (really, how can you not like 535d or 1M)? It also seems that he has liked all bimmers lately (save for X5M, X6M, new X3 which is understandable as they create controversies even among us bimmerfans).

  3. Manchester Man says:

    Hahaha at everyone questioning Clarkson and calling his taste incosistent! Yes he used to hate diesels because they were loud and unrefined but hey its 2011, diesels nowsadays sound quiet and in some cases even more quiet than certain petrol turbocharged engines. You cant expect Clarkson to hate diesels forever as times move on! The 535d handles better than all it rivals and has great economy and power so you shouldnt be surprised it got car of the year.

    And as for the BMW 1M its a no brainer on why it won the most fun car of the year. I mean just look at all the other reviews of this car, it is a truly magical car.

    Tosummarise, Jeremy clarkson is not confused and nor is he incosistent. He is beginning to appreciate the Ultimate Driving Machine more than ever. And BMW love you haters because the more haters they get the more successful they are for this simple reason…. HATERS ENVY!!!

  4. Gor says:

    Clarkson always liked BMWs, it’s just that according to him they used to be driven by cocks (who now drives Audis according to him).

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