2012 BMW 1 Series vs. E87 1 Series

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The new 2012 BMW 1 Series is shaping up to be one of the most controversial BMW designs in the last few years, even passing …

The new 2012 BMW 1 Series is shaping up to be one of the most controversial BMW designs in the last few years, even passing the 5 GT. The new premium hatchback was unveiled earlier today with a new, revamped, and somewhat odd exterior design.

In its second generation already, BMW is going to face extremely competitive models from Volkswagen group, the VW Polo and Audi A3.

But how does the new 1er compare to the E87 generation?

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Styling wise, the F20 1 Series follows the design language initiated by BMW back in 2009 when the new 7 Series came to market. The car features a bold front that aims to stand out with what we believe are a pair of oversized headlights surrounding a flat and smaller than expected kidney grille. The hood sports the creases seen on all the new BMWs and facelift models.

Bildvergleich BMW 1er F20 vs E87 LCI Seite 655x227

From the side, the usual character line flows from the rear to the front end, and on its way it creates a series of convex and concave shapes.

In the back, the taillights are a bit too busy for our taste with an integrated LED L-shape. The car continues to feature a similar hatch-look as the previous generation with a lower positioned trunk and a a more emphasized trunk-lid.

Inside is where the new F20 really shines. The interior upgrades are bringing back the premium feel and touch, along with the usual driver oriented position. The Sports line of the new 1er stands out even more, with beautiful red accents inserted and gorgeous dashboard and gauges.

But as always, we will let you be the judge through our photo comparison below.

46 responses to “2012 BMW 1 Series vs. E87 1 Series”

  1. mmmhhhhhhh…the all new A-class will be launched not too long from now…hard to imagine it will look worse than this..the guys at BMW could have done better,i want to like the way it looks but i just cant! Now i’m just waiting to hear all the nasty things people will say about this car..if BMW asked me to draw how i didnt want the new 1er to look..it would look exactly like this

    • Tom says:

      The Mercedes A-Class won’t be much better with the curving/sloping side window profile. Audi stands out and above the three premium hatches, but unfortunately Audi does not have RWD so it’s a no-go.


    • Br says:

      BMW has finally, successfully made a holy crap!  Great~ It is really hard for a premium company to design a car even uglier than 5GT, this car is just hideous!  No matter how the upcoming A Class will look like, it will definitely look better than this crap!  Really dont understand what BMW is thinking nowadays, probably a hideous 3GT or even the ugliest 3 series ever.  

    • sedders says:

      Actually, I think it looks much better than the last one series, could someone just explain what is wrong with it?

  2. Thawke says:

    I was waiting eagerly for the new 1er Coupe (or 2 series of rumours are believed) but after seeing this I might just give it a miss now…..

  3. LexusLVR says:

    No contest. The E87 looks a billion times better than the new 1 series. What an ugly duckling. What was BMW thinking!?

  4. Sanii-bmw says:

    BMW… Common… I have only one word for this car..: UGLY

  5. kcsnyud says:

    Even the chairman would puke on this thing.

  6. Rmixfaatl says:

    fuckn ugly..wat BMW is doin with such a design..cann’t look at it…i think this time audi & mercedes will b better..still wanna know about performance..

  7. Shincai says:

    I’ve got to admit
    It’s ugly from the front and ugly from the back…
    The interior is nice though

  8. Shincai says:

    I’ve got to admit
    It’s ugly from the front and ugly from the back…
    The interior is nice though

  9. Shincai says:

    I’ve got to admit
    It’s ugly from the front and ugly from the back…
    The interior is nice though

  10. bimmerfan89 says:

    what the hellll is going on with bmw!!!! they keep taking wrong turns with their designs!!! i am sooo disappointed. this doesnt even look like a bmw. and electronic power steering again?what the fuck are they trying to do, they just ruined the ultimate driving machine for me, and ive been a bmw fan and will always be for the past 21 yeasrs!

  11. bimmerfan89 says:

    it looks like a vw polo from the back!

  12. viper says:

    A class will beat 1 series. 1 series looks better than previous model , but its more than ugly on front , better interior though , the A class will look outstanding

  13. Tom23 says:

    The current 1-Series is pretty ugly.

    They managed to do the impossible: they made the new 1-Series even uglier!

  14. Alex says:

    im one of those outsiders that thinks the 5 gt is a good looking car, but this is horrible… whoever greenlighted this design should be fired

  15. Horea Popa says:

    The 1-series is a compact car (C segment) and the competitors in the premium segment are the Audi A3 and the Mercedes A Klass, in the same class form the VAG group you have the Golf/Leon/Octavia cars this are EU available cars and are not present on the US market, the VW Polo is a mini/B segment class and does not have a counterpart in the BMW offering, you have the A1 in the Audi shed for that matter…

  16. Thawke says:

    + points : Interior, Engines, Probably Build quality after the flack BMW got with the current 1er.
    – points : Front “look”, Rear “look”

    The negative points can be fixed depending on how the new 1er looks in M-Sport Package, so I will reserve judgement till that comes out.

    And I am one of those who is very lenient when it comes to BMW looks, I own a BMW X1 after all….. but I just cant bring myself to like this just yet, maybe time will tell.

  17. Brett says:

    What is this??? Bangle would never have approved of this crap…

  18. Brett says:

    What is this??? Bangle would never have approved of this crap…

  19. La Ma says:

    Whats up with that pig face ?

    it must be bangle’s stepchild who he cherished and lashed upon the bmw design studio as his best work.

    yuck, the new 1 series is one seriously ugly car.  The old (current) wasn’t pretty either, but did not have an ugliness but not much pretty lines. The new one however is just plain ugly and grotesk. Looks like a pig from the front. Audi, MB must be laughing all the way to the bank :-)

  20. M3owner says:

    TAXI,  Oh, sorry, it’s just the 2012 1-Series. I thought it was a taxicab.

  21. alex says:

    I like it.. it seems to be much more smoothed out on the top, giving the appearance of a longer, more pronounced figure. The front end is smoother and more “futuristic” looking to me. The rear end is decently nice too. Not a fan of the single exhaust tip though, it just looks out of place.

  22. BMWdriver says:

    Holy #$£% that’s one ugly looking car. I didn’t like the previous model either – it always reminded me a stupid donkey. The new one is slightly more futuristic than the previous model, but still a dumb-looking donkey… just another species. 

    I don’t get it… if none of the BMW people were able to come up with a good looking (or even to say NOT a ugly looking) 1-series, then why not just stop doing those? In the long run, it saves them a lot of money and trouble because people are NOT gonna buy this new 1-series. A few blind donkey-lovers might buy them, but the majority won’t. They’ll go Audi, Merc or even VW before BMW. It’s all about design these days. If the car is not a good looking, it just won’t sell. Period! 

    You want proof? I’ll give you proof. Take a look at another ass out there – Audi A8. It used to be a good looking car that people actually bought. It was able to compete with 7-series and S-class, but ever since they updated their A8 to un-frikkin-believably ugly-looking A8 (which now stands for Ass-8), all the potential buyers went with BMW’s and Merc’s. Our country is FULL of S-classes with facelifts or new 7-series models. Yet, I have only seen ONE new A8. Just one!! While I have just four S-class Mercs and two 7-series models just in my apartment’s garage. So it never pays off to make a ugly looking car. How come they don’t get it? 

    If BMW needs an advisor, then have them look up my IP-address and find my e-mail. I’ll be more than glad to share my knowledge and ideas with them. I don’t even want a salary… just gimme a BMW X5 xDrive50i or whenever the facelifted X6 comes out. :-)

  23. Otto says:

    “BMW is going to face extremely competitive models from Volkswagen group, the VW Polo and Audi A3.”
    Not quite.
    The closest 1er competitor from the VW is the Golf not the Polo, although it’s more of a mainstream car, not as premium as the BMW.
    Suggestion : post a photo comparison between the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the F20…

  24. Rob Tyman says:

    BMW really messed up with the mk 2 1 series….apart from the fact it’s even uglier than mk1, it also looks dated before it’s had a chance too look abit tired. BMW used to unveil progressive, forward thinking cars that looked ahead of their time…….now they just follow fashions set by other car makers…….namely Audi (though their MK3 A3 doesn’t look that good either). Compare BMW with Ford – ok, not much in common on the face of it, but Ford are unveiling daring designs and the Fiesta is miles ahead of anything else in its class. Can BMW produce a car that can outdo the Ford Fiesta??? I’m not sure they can.
    The next 1 series should have looked much better than the official model photos. Google ‘next BMW 1 series’ and you’ll be presented with two very attractive designs – either could (and should) have been the next 1 series.
    If BMW had been more on the ball then they would have done a much better job with the 1 series, but as it is, it looks like they’re too preoccupied with making bigger cars, and sadly the 1 series – a car that could have pushed boundaries for quality in its class (and knocked the Audi A3 on its perch) – has just become their ‘token small car’.
    BMW need to rethink the 1 series and apply themselves more to making it truly great small quality car. As it is, the next VW Golf (mk7) will run rings around the 1 series, nevermind the next A3.

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