BMW X1 sales exceeded expectations – 36,000 units sold

BMW X1 | May 20th, 2010 by 34
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Last year, BMW introduced their latest addition to the X-family: BMW X1. The new Sports Activity Vehicle replaced the X3 as the entry-level model in …

Last year, BMW introduced their latest addition to the X-family: BMW X1. The new Sports Activity Vehicle replaced the X3 as the entry-level model in the premium mid-compact SUV segment. Launched initially in Europe,, the BMW X1 is coming to the North American market in early 2011 with a variety of engines and options.

For the U.S., BMW will introduce the 28i and 35i models, in a rear-wheel drive and xDrive configuration. While there is no confirmation on a diesel engine, we certainly expect to see one of the award winning diesel turbos coming across the ocean, most likely, the 2.0 liter turbo diesel that powers the xDrive23d model in Europe or the 123d.

In a statement to stakeholders released yesterday, BMW’s CEO Norbert Reithofer, confirmed once again the success of this new X-model and the breakthrough into a new segment that focuses on a younger demographic, highly active, but still appreciative of performance.

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“The BMW X1 has significantly exceeded even our own ambitious expectations: Since its introduction last fall, we have delivered more than 36,000 units to customers. “Among these customers are plenty of younger people for whom BMW was not a serious option before.”

The Joy campaign proved to be quite successful in reaching out tho this younger demographic and the use of the powerful social media certainly played an important role.

If the X1 continues up this ascending slope, it could certainly become one of the most successful Sports Activity Vehicles designed by BMW.

34 responses to “BMW X1 sales exceeded expectations – 36,000 units sold”

  1. bob says:

    This corroborates what Jack Pitney told journo’s, in MI, recently; that the E84 has the largest order bank of any vehicle in Europe. To my ears, he said ‘any vehicle in Europe’, he did not say ‘any BMW in Europe’.

    I believe the relevant passage is roughly halfway thru the vid –

  2. FreudeKing says:

    “If the X1 continues up this ascending slope, it could certainly become one of the most successful Sports Activity Vehicles designed by BMW.” pity that it is the ugliest one to date though. Did you take into account what happens when the Q3 arrives? just like what happened when the Q5 was introduced, the X3 sales have been a fraction that of the Q5 – the reason is very simple, people are not forced to buy ugly products anymore once they have a better looking alternative.

    These stakeholders report always tend to be very positive, to a point that they conseal the bad – afterall, have you heard a company telling its shareholders to pull out because they are so cancern about their pockets? Did BMW consider the lost sales of their other products (3 Series, 1 Series, 5 Series, X3, X5) due to the X1 and just how much more profitable is the X1 when compared to these other products? It’s all nice to concentrate on saying that sales were above expectations (which they have never disclosed their expectations to us anyway, so they may well be talking trash to us for all we know), to me it’s all statements to manipulate the share price of the company.

    • Giom says:

      You have no faith, brother…

    • bob says:

      Nice (Audi) propaganda. Well, it would be if it weren’t near total BS.

      The primary impact that the Q5 has had, IME, is upon the Q7 sales, which have nosedived. How’s THAT for profitability?!

      Ya know, the thing that the Ingolstadt-based nazi’s will never wrap their heads around is that Audi only gets sales that BMW doesn’t want. Think about it…

      • FreudeKing says:

        Just to let you know that I am a huge BMW fan and I hate Audi! Audi’s, to me, are cheap imitations of premium products when in actual fact, most of their cars are VW products in disguise. Although I am a BMW fan, I consider myself to be an objective one. My criticisms of some of their actions and decisions are of good intentions because I want the group to stay superior in terms of quality, image and appeal.

        It is very arrogant of you to say that Audi only gets sales that BMW doesn’t want and we all know that it is not true. If BMW are producing profiable products, there should be no sales that the company would not want. In actual fact, Audi is such a threat to BMW’s leadership in the premium segment that it is not even funny – 1700 cars apart as reported in the latest quaterly report as compared to 60% a few years ago is a huge danger for BMW. I just hope that the X1 is not the next to nosedive when Audi launches the Q3. Let’s also hope that Mini’s sales will not nosedive when the A1 comes out, although I can already see that Mini’s sales will probably half and be passed over to the A1… NO MATTER HOW MANY VARIANTS OF THE MINI BMW IS TRYING TO COME UP WITH TO BOOST SALES NUMBERS!… what are they again? Clubman, Beach thing, Crossover 4X4,… Get my point?

        • lennardt says:

          think you’re right :-(
          audis cars are really nasty (i really thought q7 was a joke when i first saw it at our town) and i hope that their marketing will lead into a dead end, if they keep telling to build the best cars but don’t. but if bmw builds cars that are that unnecessary and cheap like x1, they will betray their brand’s values. i really like nearly every bmw but i hate x1.

        • bob says:

          “Get my point?”

          Point? What point?! Keen BMW observers wiil note their official press release, dated 22.04.2010, that AG is exploring producing the E84 in China…This would not occur if the early indications were not better than expected.

          A similar thing happened when the E83 first came out. People bashed it like you’re bashing the E84 now. But, since early sales were so strong, they had sub-contractor, Magna-Steyr, go on overtime to meet demand.

          That said, I totally agree with you that I wish AG would broadcast all of their sales forecasts, with respect to new products…But that’s unrealistic, due to competitive reasons. Further, any comments that Chmn Reithofer makes to AG’s shareholders must(!) be factual based…otherwise, he’s probably violated a corporate governace law. That will never happen.

          And, No. No, it’s not arrogant to say, Audi only gets the sales that BMW doesn’t want. BMW is a leader. Audi is a follower. Leaders don’t follow, and followers don’t lead.

          • FreudeKing says:

            The decision to make the X1 in China has nothing to do with global demand. In actual fact, the decision would probably be to stimulate the demand of the X1 in that country. Your cause and effect relationship is mixed up. China imposes 100% tax on imported vehicles, so it wouold make sense for them to build the X1 in China as well. In fact, if they were to satisfy global sales demand outside China, it would be most economical to build the X1 where they have plants building the current 1 Series, which is where the X1 is built (on the same production line as the 1) if I am not mistaken.

            Take note that I am not saying that the X1 will not be a success in terms of sales, it will be until a prettier car in the same segment comes out from another brand, just like the E84. BMW and you must then ask why the E83 was bashed so much by other people. And I have no doubt they sold many of those X3, but did it maximise its potential in the short time that it was the only car in its segment? Could it have achieved more sales if it didn’t look so ugly and cheap (deliberately with black uncolour coded bumpers and cheap interior plastics). Although the facelifted version a few years later after the launch was a bit better, the damage was done, in people’s minds, the X3 looks crap and the design is a mess of lines.

            All these point to a loss of potential based on perceived appeal of the car in terms of quality and looks. I mean, what is the first thing that you do when someone tells you that the new 3 Series is out…. “show me the pics, I want to see how it looks”, then you go and sit in the car and feel the quality and tap on surfaces to see if they have replaced metal door panels with plastic ones to save costs.

            There is no rules that says that you are not allowed to disclose your expectations, nor are there rules to say you cannot adjust your expectations. It is certainly not in violation of any corporate laws or governance guidelines to make misleading comments such as sales expectations as that can change all the time. It is illegal to misrepresent information regarding and relating to financials of a company if management and directors have known or should have known that it was a misrepresentation. Furthermore, people can only sue if they acted on the information and suffered a loss due ot the reliance on such material misrepresentation. My point is that management is just trying to create a positive vibe amongst the shareholders by making useless information such as the X1 is selling above expectations, then after a few minutes, say, the 5 Series is selling above expectations. If I was a shareholder, I would then further ask: what about the dozens of other BMW models, if you are silent, does it mean you are selling below expectations? What about the newly launched 3 convt and the 3 Coupe? the rather new 7? the XM’s? If you are selling above expectations, are you meeting the market demands? Does this mean that you are making your customers wait 6 months to deliver a 5 Series to them, leading to potential loss of customers to other brands? What implications has this got on the economies of scale if you could have bought larger batches at better prices? Are you purchasing last minute at higher prices to meet this higher than expected demand and hinder company’s profitability on these two models? Why was the planning not done better in terms of sales forecast? I want to know, what was your expectation and how much the real demand exceed by.

          • FreudeKing says:

            Also, leaders don’t stay leaders forever. Merc lost the crown to BMW in 2005. Audi, currently a follower, will be a leader in the future as sad as that may sound. Imagine this: “2011: VW’s Audi is the no.1 premium luxury car company in the world with extensive parts sharing with VW and Seat” A loser must start somewhere, and clearly Audi is picking up on all the competitive advantages that BMW have and make it their own as well to close the gap, and while BMW’s eyeballs are off their core brand values by focusing on important subsidiary value adding elements such as ED, they allow the public to perceive Audi to be a cooler brand than BMW.

  3. EMPOWER says:

    This car will make money. its based on the current 3 touring 4wd platform. BMW have got greater economies of scale on a platform which dose not sale very many units.
    The x3 is coming to the end of its life and mercedes released the glk and audi q5. When the new x3 comes out BMW will have a large back orders aswell.

    • FreudeKing says:

      If the car wasn’t making money, they would not sell it. The question is whether they are making more profit as compared to the sales that they lost on other BMWs. Clearly some potential owners of the 3 Series/1/5 would look at this and say, why buy the otehrs if I can get a mini 4X4?

  4. Giom says:

    I met the X1 for the first time last week, and only then did I realize what a brilliant design it really is. Photos didn’t relay the message well enough.

    What I found to be brilliant about the design, is how it looks unique and unmistakable. It also looks sporty and sleek. It’s quite low for a 4×4, but high enough not to be mistaken for an estate.

    Again, well done to BMW for another winner!

    • FreudeKing says:

      I most certainly don’t think it was elegant. My initial reaction was YUCK!

      The X1’s success will come from the car concept/functionality and brand image. Not the exterior design.

      Would you say that the X1 is good looking?

    • lennardt says:

      this isn’t a game. FreudeKing is right in my opinion, that the sales are based on the option to get a cheap suv made by bmw -> bmws image, which is already damaged by many reports saying that x1 looks cheap from the inside and hasn’t much to offer that would make it a better car than its competitors.
      i’m happy, that x1 sales good, but i see the car very often and compared to vw tiguan it doesn’t look any better. it looks like a grown 3series touring that lost it’s elegance.

      • Giom says:

        Where is BMWs image damaged? There are opinions… if your opinion is bad towards BMW, and a few others share your feelings, don’t think that it is now ‘damaged’. A lot more people agree with what BMW is doing compared to people like you.

        For the same reason, Merc and Audis reputations are just as damaged. What a stupid thing to say!

        • lennardt says:

          don’t get me wrong! i’m REALLY happy that bmw has success with a car like x1 and i’m proud of BMW trying to create new type of cars. but BMW stands for quality (even more than merc in my eyes) and x1 got in nearly every review i saw a bad mark on quality at the inside and that does damage. i didn’t really like the older x5, but i like the facelift and i also like x3 and x6. Although i didn’t like x5, i liked it a lot more than the x1, but thats just my opinion and i think it’s important to also criticise your favourite brand (and i like bmw a lot!).

          • FreudeKing says:

            Absolutely, if you love BMW. Be objective and have high expectations so that they are better than the rest as they improve.


  5. T says:

    Aswell as success in it’s market integration. The X1 has also confirmed our initial strategy for this car has also been successful. Our original expectations that the X1 will bring a greater majority of new customers to the BMW Brand has been proved correct with the X1 being the first BMW for a majority of customers , also
    proven was our initital analysis that the X1 would also bring a lot of younger customers to the BMW brand , More than half of X1 customers are in the 20-40 age demographic.

    • FreudeKing says:

      Q: Did you ask if those majority of customers who purchased the X1 would have bought another BMW product if the X1 was not launched?
      Q: Which BMW product would they have purchased?

      Based on that, do a pofitability analysis.

      Bear in mind that the success of a car cannot be based on these few months after launch. Let’s see how sales stand up when the Q3 is out and when the X1 is due for a change.

  6. XC says:

    I need to tell you this… Women loooooove this mini-SUV. Since they are already being sold in Mexico (saw thisfact on a recent trip), I can attest the reaction is overwhelming both in the streets and at the dealerships… Expect huge sales to the female demography.

    • bob says:

      You’re kidding, right? Mexico? Female? Is BMW going after the uni-brow crowd?!

    • FreudeKing says:

      If this is what you are saying, then I don’t think the YOUNG crowd that T was talking about will be sustainable. Imagine this in youth’s head: BMW built a women’s car – X1. There goes the cool factor.

      • XC says:

        Aside from being misogynistic, your comment is plain benighted; some stats on Female Purchasing Power*:

        – $20 trillion USD (current global purchasing power),
        – $28 trillion USD (projected global purchasing power in five years),
        – $13 trillion USD (current annual income),
        – $18 trillion USD (projected annual income within five years).

        GO FIGURE.

        * Source: Harvard Business Review (HBR), “The Female Economy.” by Michael J. Silverstein and Kate Sayre, from the Boston Consulting Group.

        • FreudeKing says:

          Too bad all that is spent on make upclothing and handbags (just joking). I have never seen a woman driving or getting excited about a Ferrari (they get excited about people who own them, mostly men, another joke…). My point is that the perception of most women is that they drive bread shaped cars and that they have no appreciation of good engineering and performance. That’s why most 1 Series hatch driversdon’t know it’s a superb rwd and the only 1 in its class.

  7. efoza says:

    Just like the success of the 5GT the X1 is showing how the BMW design team are succeeding where others with no vision are simply ignoring the pottential for being open minded.

  8. kenee says:

    Good point Efoza. The real BMW fans admire the X1 and particularly the 5GT. They are advancements in motoring way ahead of other leading car makers. I recently saw a 5 GT on the road and it just looked as if it ruled over all other cars. It must be great feeling for BMW to pull such successes out of the hat.

  9. BMfan says:

    X6 is ‘ugly’ yet its selling fast, X3 is ‘poorly designed’ but it sold well, X1 is ‘ugly’ yet the sales has exceeded expectations. I guess the majority out there buying BMW feel right about these products. Certainly some funny opinions on this blog are the skewed opinions of some perfectionist idealists who live in another world.

    • XC says:

      See, what happens is that BMW is the only manufacturer that gets this visceral reactions again its designs. People, of course, are entitled to express their opinions, but tell me, do you browse the web looking for the latest merc, audi, ford or nissan, and then slam its designs if fan forums? I don’t. I actually don’t care if the latest audi is good or bad. I just give the time it deserves and move on. Every manufacturer has its own best-seller, niche car, SUV, etc. and not all their lineups are rolling beauties. SO WHAT? BMW need to sell this kind of cars, appealing to larger demographics, to stay profitable and in business. And we BMW fans to the core can only benefit from a sound company. Bring our M cars please…

      • kcsnyud says:

        I am actually worried about audi, even though their designs look like crap. All of my friends go like “BMW IS SOOO MUCH WORSE THAN AUDI” “BMWS ARE CHIC CARS” “FORD IS BETETR THAN BMW” “ACCORDIN TO A SURVEY, MORE PEOPLE LIKE DODGE THAN BMW” “BMW IS OWNED BY MERCEDES”

        hOW THE crap did they get that infornation??? I think the x1 is starting to prove them right…

  10. Rafael Fontoura says:

    Just to record: the bmw X1 was launched in Brazil . I bought a silver s drive18i without complain. i am very happy.

  11. Eurobasher says:

    I am not so sure the X1 will be a success in the US. First of all, the X3 has never been a success and second this is not really a SUV. This car is not as high, not as powerful, and not as spacious as an SUV in any aspect. After checking this BMW up close, for those who don’t know this car has been sold in Europe for the past 2 years, the interior is cheap hard plastic, and shows no sign of luxury the brand is normally associated with. The interior is minimalist specially for those who go on the back seat. This is actually a four seater. It has rear traction, therefore the transmission tunnel makes it impossible for an adult to travel 5 miles seating in the middle. 

    This car in Europe is a success because the consumers are different, there small is a plus and the status a BMW provides is enough for some people even though it is not providing back what it should in terms of space, power, ground clearance etc. In my humble opinion, this vehicle will be a “success” just like the FIAT 500 was specially if they apply the pricing starting at US$30,000.00. This is a good car for a single college student or a single mom with one baby and ohh! that stupid dude who believes the BMW badge on his ride will bring him more chicks.

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