Update: Cadillac CTS-V Challenge – Challenger and his BMW M3 faster than Lutz’s CTS-V

BMW M3 | October 30th, 2009 by 33
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Update below Last week, GM’s former vice-chairman Bob Lutz threw a challenge at everyone interested to compete against the Cadillac CTS-V. Car owners, journalists or …

Update below Last week, GM’s former vice-chairman Bob Lutz threw a challenge at everyone interested to compete against the Cadillac CTS-V. Car owners, journalists or anyone interested on taking on the CTS-V, were invited to sign up for the event taking place on October 29th at New York’s Monticello Motor Club on a 4.1-mile track.

Journalists and “regular” car owners brought out a variety of cars to challenge the Cadillac CTS-V, from BMW M3 and M5, to Mitsubishi Evo, Jaguar XF and even Audi RS4.

Prior to the race, Car and Driver Editor-in-Chief Csaba Csere was on track to verify that all sedans are at stock options.

While the M5 came a bit short of Lutz’s CTS-V, 3:05:398 vs. 2:56:321, Michael Cooper, a 21 year old driver, and his BMW M3 sedan defeated the CTS-V driven by Lutz, with an impressive 2:50:424 lap time.

M3 kid 717 655x491Jack Baruth of The Truth About Cars followed with 2:51:153 in a CTS-V. Lawrence Ulrich, a freelance journalist, took the third place, aboard a CTS-V,  2:53:157.

Bob Lutz came in fourth at 2:56:321. Michael Mainwald, the BMW M5 owner, came in fifth with a 3:05:398. The Mitsubishi Evo driven by Jalopnik’s Wes Siler, was next with 3:08:126.

You can see the results on the photo below.

V Series Challenge Results 655x492

Later on, some GM’s drivers jumped on and posted some impressive quick times, in a way, expected. Even a mystery driver was present who was the fastest on track. Identity? Undisclosed. I guess watching Top Gear and the Stig, gave GM some ideas.

We cannot wonder what a professional driver could have done with the M3, but this doesn’t take away from Michael’s impressive driving skills.

Well done and you have just helped me make up my mind: M3 Sedan is my next car!

Update: A little birdie told us that BMW North America would like to reward Michael Cooper for his performance. Our sources say a FREE Advanced School at the BMW Performance Center and a meet-up with the BMW Rahal Letterman Racing team. Once again, congratulations Michael and good to see BMW stepping up.

33 responses to “Update: Cadillac CTS-V Challenge – Challenger and his BMW M3 faster than Lutz’s CTS-V”

  1. 100$ GUY says:

    Finally you posted this horatiu….
    Yeah M3 sedan has to be your next bmw, go for it, its a choice I am 100% in agreement.
    That kiddo has experience in the track, and it showed.
    The guy with the M5 definitely received a lesson on how not to drive and probably will be attending driving lessons from now on.
    All in all, cool event.

    • CarGuyDad says:

      100$ GUY, received a lesson how “not to drive”?
      I think we did pretty well, thank you… perhaps next time you can bring your own M5 and show everyone how it’s done.

      I’ll have a full write up on this event, and exactly what is wrong with the result above. We went there to race Bob Lutz in the CTS-V and few other privately owned cars. We ended up going against six other CTS-V’s, five of them driven by either professional drivers or experienced journalists.

  2. Jordan says:

    Wes Siler?!… he’s with HellForLeatherMagazine.com… cool to see him at this comp!

    and im not surprised with what carguydad said…. i could totally see this thing as being rigged and a publicity stunt… albeit a poor publicity stunt. it seems to me that this actual challenge has been not that popular at all. it shows from the amount of competitors that showed up out of all the eligible competitors which i’d imagine would be at least over 10,000…. aside from the part that i’ve hardly heard about this challenge covered in auto news and i follow a decent amount of auto sites.

    nice to see a couple BMWs in there! and the M3 sedan as ur next car I think is a great decision.

  3. Michael says:

    Any details on the M3?
    Does it have DCT? Or is it a manual?

  4. Thijs M3 E30 says:

    Anyone noticed that the audi rs4 came last, lol. The results show that it doesn´t matter to much which car you have as long as you have the skills. still the M3 sedan is a winner for me

  5. Lawrence says:

    I cant wait until the 2012 3-series comes out, hopefully it will have KERS tech. and of course the M3 won ,its the worlds best compact sport car!

  6. Brad says:

    This was a test of drivers, not cars. A fair test would put the same driver in each of the test cars.

    If you just look at consumer drivers, the fastest was the M3 at 2:50 and the Caddy did 3:15, but again this was two different drivers.

    It satisfied Caddy’s marketing goal of generating press. After all, we’re all jabbing about it.

  7. Doug says:

    Wow… does this mean Rahal is interested in Cooper? Jealousy….

    Great story :)

  8. CarGuyDad says:

    Re: Update… Awesome, the kid deserves it. The really funny thing would be if BMW NA offered Bob Lutz some driving lessons. :)
    Or better yet… us, the other BMW participant in this challenge, as we clearly need them.

  9. Joe says:

    This is great PR for the CTS-V … wow.. smart IDea..

  10. Samir says:

    Rigged! You actually think a big fat nasty caddy is going to beat an M3 sedan on the track?? All these clowns are actors hired by Cadalic to promote sales! Dont even try it Chevy you are going to the ground like all other junk car companys! Your number is up!

    • dr says:

      You actually think an M3 is anything at all!? Now there’s a low set of personal standards.

      • Jordan says:

        you actually think ur fat heavy dodge truck could beat a car 3000lbs lighter on a track?! hahaha….. go play with your truck in the dirt where it belongs and leave the sports cars to the track.

  11. lennardt says:

    Isn’t this a bit embarrasing for chevy? Four of seven cars, probably all tuned, are behind the M3, the BMWs are the best placed cars after the CTVs, which were driven by professionals, I guess ( well, the first three for sure..).
    And in the Video you can see, that the M3 is absolutely the best looking car at that track. M5 is just a bit to heavy in my opinion to be really good at the track and manual transmission is also what I would prefer. I don’t like the tendency of cars which get bigger and bigger every generation.
    Still I think both Michaels did a good job. Congratulations! :-)

  12. Samir says:

    Sorry guys, but I rather drive an E28 5 series instead of the CTS. Disagree with me all u want, but I prefer REAL craftsmanship.

    • dr says:

      Craftsmanship is your dining room table. How is that any measure of an ultimate driving machine? I am standing right beside one of Schumacher’s F1 units right now and craftsmanship is not present anywhere on this wonderful little car (yeah they are kinda small in person compared to seeing them on television).

      • Jordan says:

        dr you’re having illusions. this is a BMW forum, not a dodge or any other car manufacturer forum for that matter. flaming everyone on here is only giving you a bad name since most things you say are quite skewed and inaccurate and no one is going to take to heart what you say!

        just pick one thing that you’re gonna do and do it well, instead of doing everything mediocre. so if you’re gonna be a flammer, flame hard! and flame everyone that you can see with all your flamming power! or if you’re gonna be a dodge fanboy, go to the dodge forums and support dodge like you’ve never supported them before!


  13. Harish Kumar says:

    I’m not so sure. The report says CTS-V’s were driven by professional drivers and journos..Wonder what the M3 and the M5 could have done in those hands? M3 would have been much quicker..That’s for sure.

    M3 for me!

  14. Giom says:

    So, come 2011, I’m looking forward to Bob calling the same competition against the new M5!

    What, he wouln’t? Are you sure?

    • Jordan says:

      Haha i like your thinking Giom!… i think we should help Mr Lutz out and call the competition ourself and see if he shows up in his CTS-V

  15. RiFo says:

    Awesome !! Way to go M3 :)

  16. Doug says:

    You know…. although I’m rooting for BMW, I can’t help feel something for Caddy’s accomplishment here. It may or may not be pride, but it’s definitely relief that an american car company has accomplished something. Even if I swore I’d never buy a CTS after driving it (zero steering feedback), it’s good that they accomplished this.

    • Giom says:

      Yes Doug, but they’re still following. If it was BMW trying to match something Cadillac did first – that would be a proud moment for America. But it’s always easyer to follow-up with something greater than the origional once the recipe has been defined.

      Everybody is always having a crack at BMW for coming up with ‘nich’ models, but that’s how they got to the 3-series and other subsequent winners. Wouldn’t it benefit Cadillac to come up with new ideas – they’ve got the market…

      • Doug says:

        But Giom, Cadillac IS a niche model! It’s a fast sedan with poor steering feel and a design that’s outstayed its welcome. :)

        Actually I don’t know what you mean about people criticizing BMW. Aside from it being perceived as snooty sometimes and certain of its design choices, it’s always had an excellent reputation, including in the US.

        But american companies haven’t had any shortage of good ideas, they just continually get shut down by the complicated politics of the auto industry. For example, I think GM was the first to develop a mass-production process for carbon fiber uni-bodies, but it was ditched because of the investment in and infrastructure in place for steel.

  17. Giom says:

    Lol, get your point about the Cadillac niche… very funny!

    I read a lot of car magazines – both US and UK versions. I also read their internet forums and I honestly get the feeling that ppl think the X6, X3, GT and now X1 are niche models that no one asked for. (Yet they sell…!!?)
    I disagree. To me, it’s a company that listens to their buyer – capturing the guy that might look elswere for something specific. Nothing wrong with that.

    I didn’t know that bit about GM and their carbon production process – that is forward thinking. I just think that the US has other industries that are way ahead of the car industry – Boeing for one. It’s strange that the automotive industry couln’t stay ahead like Boeing does in the aviation industry. Over.

    • Doug says:

      Yeah, now that you mention it I remember those controversies. I think many people were also against the proliferation of SUVs for various reasons (those wackos!).

      The detroit (gm, i think) carbon article was a cover story in “discover” mag about 10-15 years ago. They also had a feature around that time about the readiness of carbon-fiber electric flywheels that could store huge amounts of energy but they never made into detroitmobiles either.

  18. dr says:

    Dodge 1-ton, mega cab 4X4 cummins turbo diesel, 6-speed manual, 35 X 12.5 BFG A/Ts… and laughingly serious… bet I’d have been better than last place in this sorry gang.

  19. X5SoB says:

    It’s nice to see a fresh-face kid in an M3 wipe the smug off of Bob Lutz and Wes Siler’s faces… Go BMW!
    If we’d had ringers too, BMW would have won outright!

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