For sale: BMW Z4 V10 with 550 horsepower

BMW Z4 | December 29th, 2008 by 15
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Yup, those crazy BMW fans. I have said it before and I will say it again: the bimmer fans are nuts sometimes. And this BMW …

Yup, those crazy BMW fans. I have said it before and I will say it again: the bimmer fans are nuts sometimes. And this BMW Z4 with a V10 engine outputting 550 horsepower just proves my theory….well in  a way….I went a bit overboard.

The regular 6 cylinder engine found in the BMW Z4 was replaced by the more powerful and larger V10 engine from the M5/M6 models, but with an increase of 43 ponies over the standard 507 horsepower.

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This monster Z4 is available for sale in Germany for the even more stupendous price of 97,900 euros or $138,000. No other information is available, but the rumors say that this is Hartge engine which has been used by the famous tuner in other BMWs as well.

If you ask me, the owner would DEFINITELY not get the asking price.

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15 responses to “For sale: BMW Z4 V10 with 550 horsepower”

  1. Gragop says:

    ah good old Hartge and their crazy-ass cars.

  2. wmb says:

    How were they able to fit the exhaust system in this car?

  3. Bobo says:

    This is in Europe. The owner WILL definitely get the asking price. An “ordinary” or as you say in the States stock M5 costs about the same in Europe. So I’m sure that for such a customised Z4 there will be some potential buyers.

  4. The Lee says:

    They’ll get the asking price, without a doubt.

    Very, very cool car. Ugly wheels, but otherwise a damn-nice car.

  5. George says:

    Nice if you want to kill yourself!

  6. Lawrence says:

    Yeah rite, no one is paying $138,000 for no Z4 with a V10. First of all for $138,000 I would rather buy an R8 or a M6 which would still turn out better than this V10 powered 550hp Z4. I mean the car is much heavier because of the V10 and milage is greatly sacrificed now. No one is going to buy this, I dont care what nobody says.

  7. The Lee says:

    Why are you trying to apply fuel mileage to a $140k monster toy? Are you really that far out of touch with the type of person this vehicle appeals to? They’re not worried about a couple MPGs…

  8. Josh B says:

    Love what the owner has done to the car, but as Lawrence said, who would by this over an M5/6 or even the awsome Audi R8 for that kind of money? Its just not worth it and i doubt he will be able to sell it.

  9. Gragop says:


    Lee beat me to it. If you’re buying a sports car then you don’t need to care mileage. That’s like buying an Enzo and being pissed it doesn’t have a radio or Sat Nav.

    That said, Europeans love one-off cars like this. Maybe you wouldn’t buy it but if I had the money I’d consider it. A 3200 car with a V10? Compare that to the weight of the M6 and guess which performs better.

  10. Horatiu B. says:

    @The Lee: What makes you think that Lee? In the end, it’s a lot of money and the extra power doesn’t justify the price tag

  11. Matski says:

    I think he only has a chance of getting the asking price if the work was carried out by Hartge, and is covered by warranty!

  12. Otto says:

    Boys, you got it wrong. This is a UNIQUE piece – some say of art – and has no price.

  13. matias says:

    hami el z4 me gusta mas que sus conpetidores por ejenplo entre el bmw z4 el audi tt nizzan 350z me quedo com el bmw,el bmw es el mejor

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