BMW 135i coupe vs. BMW 1-series hatchback

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As you might know by now, the BMW 135i coupe is set to launch in the US sometimes in the spring of 2008. The 128i …

As you might know by now, the BMW 135i coupe is set to launch in the US sometimes in the spring of 2008. The 128i and 135i will be available in the coupe version only, even though a lot of people are waiting for a hatchback model as well. Recently, the popularity of the hatchback cars in the US has increased and the demand for them is fairly high.

Most of the Asian automobile manufacturers, Honda, Toyota, Kia, have already launched their hatchback models in the US. BMW has been questioned several times on weather a 1-series hatchback will follow, but no information have been released to the press so far.

In Europe, BMW has a full line of hatchbacks models, equipped with several different engines, varying from the BMW 116i, 118i, 120i and 130i M sport. Of course, the diesel option is offered as well.

In the next photos slides, I am going to show you a comparison between the BMW 135i coupe and the BMW 1-series hatchback and let you decide if a BMW 135i hatchback will be successful in the US.

Personally, I don’t think the hatchback will appeal to the US market, since the BMW fans seem to be more conservative.


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BMW 1-series hatchback

BMW 1-series M package

BMW 135i Montego Blue

23 responses to “BMW 135i coupe vs. BMW 1-series hatchback”

  1. Andy says:

    Both coupe and hatchback look good. But hatchback version is just more practical. One vote for hatchback !

  2. orha007 says:

    Vote 2

    Hatchback is best…

  3. wanthatch says:

    The Hatch is better. Leave the bmw hatch and remove bmw sports wagon

  4. michael mironov says:

    I like both the hatch and the coupe, but we are tall in these parts of the country,so the hatch would work better for us. Looking foward to driving the twin tubo in this baby!!!

  5. The Enemy says:

    I think the hatch is a sharp looking car; even better than the coupe. Hot hatches are the in thing right now, and BMW is missing out on a growing market niche if they don’t bring the hatch version Stateside. I think they’re still smarting from the stinkbomb that was the E36 3-series hatchback. When those didn’t sell, the lesson BMW took away was “Americans are not interested in hatchbacks.” The lesson they should have taken away is “Americans are not interested in hatchbacks that are overpriced for what you get, are uglier than gargoyles, have highly raked liftbacks that so thoroughly intrudes on cargo space as to defeat the utility of owning a hatchback, and are made by a supposed premium manufacturer yet are only offered with a wheezing 4-cylinder that can’t get the car out of its own way.”

  6. michael mironov says:

    TheEnemy,Could not agree with you more!!!I have been a hatch buyer for a long time since i like the styling, they have that extra headroom for us 6ft4 and bigger dudes, my son is 6ft5 and we like hatches. My bud is going over to Germany to drive on the RING next week and he sent me pictures of the hatch in race style from BMW an it is hot hot hot!!! I currently drive a Mazda Speed3 hatch Black, with CP-E downpipe with high flow cat, CBE and CAI, Advan Rs in gunmetal,Mobil1 and soon a EMS. Its 310 hp and 330 tq bhp, soon with the EMS will bring the car civily to 300 whp, and that it for power. If you guys ever want to check out a car thats lots of fun, check out the Speed3. I am keeping my eye on the 135i but will only upgrade if its a HATCH!!!!!!!!

  7. Hatching it up says:

    Echo Michael. I drive a Mazda3 hatch. I was obsessed with that car for 2 years before I bought it, mostly because of the styling. These things look great, with a look of weight placed over their haunches ready to strike! I would love to drive a 128 or 135 HATCH ONLY. I think a RWD hatch would be too much fun to imagine.

  8. michael says:

    yea man, once you drive the 135i, you will be amazed. I test drove it this week and will be buying one in about 2 to 3 years when the Tii comes out and the Speed3 goes to my son. The Speed3 is an amazing bang for the buck, very cool car but the 135i is king of the compacts now with the M3. EVO and STU are over 40gs and i like the 135i much better.

  9. Charith says:

    BMW already has a hatchback for the US that everyone loves.

    Say hi to the Mini Cooper (S of course, need that forced induction!)

  10. t. turner says:

    I like the hatch. Whats the price?

  11. michel M says:

    i am waiting for the Tii version to come out in the 135Tii or 335Tii, will be my next car in a couple years….will be woth the wait.

  12. sathiya says:

    130 m sport is a better handling car compared to 135 coupe coz it has less overhang at the rear and it will last longer due to its naturally aspirated engine compared to the twin turbo, which has a shorter life but more grunt!

  13. Richard says:

    The hatchback is way cooler as well as more practical. When in Europe this summer, they definitely caught my eye and I came back wanting one.

  14. jkp says:

    The coupe for the win, naturally. The hatchback looks like every other hatchback I’ve ever seen, and frankly isn’t as practical as some of the others. The coupe on the other hand? A pure driver’s car.

  15. Jim says:

    These hatches are amazing. They are practical and with that 6 cylinder twin turbo that thing will be able to carry a washing machine while going really fast. This is a plead to BMW, you have a great car here, just please bring it to the States.

  16. James says:

    I travel to italy a lot and the hatchback is everywhere i just want it to come to the US esp the 118d it is amazing on gaS and its way more practical than the stupid coupe

  17. Jasmine says:

    Oh, gays and women love the 1-series hatchback! ;)

  18. Jasmine says:

    The 1-Series hatchback is a women and gays’ car.

  19. Katie says:

    I have been a fan of the 1 series hatch for 2 years now. I was in Germany and Austria last summer and loved seeing them everywhere. I wish there was a way to import them into the US if BMW won’t bring them over…

  20. Peter Grendel says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hatchback. I drive a VW GTI and would like a new car but but most of the hatchbacks out there are ugly and poorly designed. There’s nothing that even comes close to looking as good as the BMW Hatchback. The new Mazda 3 is really damn ugly. But I love the BMW. I will buy when if/when they come to the United States. Sign me up, where do I sign?

  21. Jaime Rodriguez says:

    The bmw 1 series hatchback is a very good looking car. It looks sporty and yet a little bit elegant. The only way I would push myself to buy an almost new car is if they bring the hatch to the US. I love the look of the 3 doors hatch but its bigger sibling would be my best choice for practicality and is also more family oriented but I think both look awesome. When BMW, when?

  22. Justin Granchelli says:

    Yeah the hatch looks 100 times better to me. I have a Mini and was considering the 1 series and probably would have already bought one if the hatch was offered in the U.S.

  23. back door kinda guy says:

    Hatches & Wagons all day for me! ’75 Pinto 3-door, ’78 Accord hatch, ’82 SAAB 900 3-door, ’92 SAAB 9000 SPG 5-door, ’94 Volvo 850 Wagon, ’02 BMW 525T…if it doesn’t have a hatch or a door, I won’t buy it!

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