Originally announced in late March 2023, the one-of-a-kind BMW XM designed in collaboration with Naomi Campbell has officially arrived. This unique vehicle features an extraordinary exterior adorned with countless sequins, reminiscent of the endless lavender fields of Provence, shining in a vibrant purple. The special finish of the XM evokes the Individual Twilight Purple paint, enhancing its distinct appearance. This masterpiece was unveiled tonight at the 77th International Film Festival in Cannes, where the elite of the film industry gather on the Côte d’Azur.

Velvet-Like Texture

The exterior of this BMW has a unique material that resembles a velvet-like texture, similar to Alcantara, covering the hood, greenhouse, and roof. Although the actual paint is barely visible, the vehicle’s distinct proportions and the iconic front grille with Iconic Glow kidneys and ultra-thin split headlights make the XM instantly recognizable.

BMW says that in order to achieve a truly luxurious feel, mixing different materials was essential—a principle often seen in fashion, where combining various textures enhances the overall aesthetic. Silky and knitted fabrics, for example, complement each other, highlighting their unique characteristics. For this car, BMW used different shades of ultramarine, and by blending complementary materials—intensely saturated velvet and a fabric covered with sequins in a frozen metallic look—the result is a unique color.

The sequinned fabric, with a matte surface reminiscent of BMW’s signature frozen colors, is sourced from the Swiss manufacturer Jakob Schlaepfer, renowned for supplying textiles to prestigious fashion houses such as Dior and Chanel. Extensive 3D work led to this final output.

BMW also say that translating this fabric idea into reality presented new challenges. Precise adjustments were necessary to ensure the perfect aesthetic balance. Since there were no established processes for applying textiles to a vehicle’s body, and given the dimensions of the BMW XM alongside the maximum width of available fabric, bespoke cuts and innovative craftsmanship were required.

The Theme Continues Inside

The interior, including the unique center section, has been meticulously handcrafted specifically for this vehicle. The rear bench is also dressed in plush velvet upholstery. This woven fabric extends onto the door cards, creating a cocoon-like atmosphere for the rear passengers. In this particular case, it’s none other than British supermodel Naomi Campbell, who will be turning 54 later this month.

The special XM is part of a wider collaboration between BMW and Naomi Cambell for the “Dare to be You” campaign announced last year. You might have seen her already in images alongside the controversial SUV painted in Cape York Green. The German luxury brand offers more than 50 Individual colors for its flagship model, including Petrol Mica and Sepia.