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Is this the rumored BMW M1? Could these photos be the real BMW M1? Several magazines and online blogs have reported in the past few …

Is this the rumored BMW M1? Could these photos be the real BMW M1? Several magazines and online blogs have reported in the past few weeks that BMW is already working on the M1 model. The BMWCCA magazine, Roundel, in its latest isssue, has stated that the “BMW M is working on a new M car based on the 1 Series coupe”.

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There are also voices expressing their opinion by saying that the market doesn’t allow for an M1 car and it makes absolutely no sense for BMW to actually launch a 1-series, M model.

While, I would love to see a BMW M1 version, I have to admit that I agree with the people stating that it makes no sense to have an M car based on the 1-series. The 135i already comes with a twin turbo, 300hp engine and it has lots of potential for tuning.

Also, if BMW will come up with an M1, the price will have to be somewhere over 40k, and that will step into the 335i price market, which could affect their sales.

Let’s assume though that the BMW M1 will be manufactured, then the consumers will have some difficult choices at around the same selling price:

1. a BMW 335i , 300hp and aprox. 40k

2. a BMW M3 E46 , 333hp and aprox. 40k

3. a BMW M1, unknown hp but at around same price.

Would this be a difficult choice for you?

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24 responses to “BMW M1 ?”

  1. Ron Hasse says:

    I would not have a hard time deciding. I’ve been hoping, since the announcement of the 135i M sport coupe, that that the “M sport” designation didn’t mean that we would not be seeing a M1. build it BMW, just make sure it stays true to what we’ve come to expect from the M division that we all love.

  2. Jeff Slicer says:

    The only way it makes market sense is to eliminate the 135i twin turbo. Bmw has already stated entry level hp @ 230 for the 128i. Then the price point for the M has to stay reasonable ( below 40k ) if not , most consumers will bail and go w/ the larger 3 series w/ the same performance and probably better resale value. This scenario wont play out because the 135i is already in production, unless it becomes a 1 or 2 yr run and is replaced by the M.

  3. stephen clary says:

    As much as I love the M-sport series, I think this is a marketing mistake. BMW has had a very hard time producing quality cars that meet their high standards at a price the Gen X 2.0 generation and younger can afford. The $20-30k market remains tighly in the grasp of the booming Japanese manufacturers. BMW needs to decide who they are trying to sell to; an environmentally conscious 30-40 year old on a mini mid-life crisis that wants performance at a discount or a 20-25 year old throttle jocky that just spent $10k boosting his Subaru to track melting speed. Either way I think they will miss their mark and consumers that can afford a $40k+ automobile will embrace the larger 3 and 5 series as a tried and true investment.

  4. Gary Katzenberger says:

    I am so excited for this performance car to come in our dealership. My wife is all over this car and just loves the looks of it. Just imagine how many people are going to purchase it and never thought they could afford a BMW. Price starting at $30,000.

  5. JAV says:

    I can’t afford a $40k+ car but owning an e30 & e36 has made me a bmw fanatic I lust for an e92 but 50k for a 335i and 60k for an M is just a dream. But a well equipped mid 30k BMW that looks as good as the 135 could make me sell one. Preferably the e36. I think it’s a great idea to launch the 1, and the M is a good idea too I think it will bring new business to BMW, like myself who didn’t expect to buy a new bmw anytime in the next 5 years maybe now that has changed! I think a 120 or 118 four banger for a 25k base price in the US would be a good idea for bmw too

  6. Ryan says:

    I’m 6′ tall and I love small performance cars. I would feel much more connected in a car that feels as if it is built around me rather than the 3 series sedan. Perhaps it is because I am still young and in my mid twenties. Build it and I will come. Just keep it under 50k well equiped.

  7. C.Donovan says:

    I’m all about the new 135! – killer look with classic lines! I can’t wait for an M badge and quad exhaust to go with it. Like the previous post, I love small cars that exude power and performance, but the 135 is too close to my current commuter, an 01′ M Coupe. I drive it to work every day and I still love it, but I’ll wait for an M version of the 1-Series with a bit more HP. At the time, 45K for a unique 2-seater made perfect sense because it was unique and impractical. If I could get two extra seats for the same price as I paid for the M Coupe – whatta bargain! Build the M1 and I’ll pre-order. Trade the M Coupe? No way.

  8. rane says:

    the M1 isnt based on the one series cars .. and it wont be priced anywhere near the 335i .. look for it to compete with the likes of the F1 and the R8

  9. ted says:

    the market doesn’t allow for the M1, not because it would interfere with the 3-series market, but because it was already made, AND it won le mans. The farthest bmw can go without causing a riot is to include an M-sport tuning package. I want to see the REAL M1 come back, not a souped up compact car.

  10. Horatiu B. says:

    Ted, you’re right, but in the end, if the demand for M1 will be high, I’m sure BMW might take that into consideration and maybe build a limited M1 series.

  11. aaron says:

    i work for bmw and the m1 rumours are true, it is come and based upon our 1981 m1, and the x6 and x1 sooner

  12. Sacha says:

    BMW can’t call it the M1, that was a mid engined supercar they made in the late 70s / early 80s. If an M version is launched it will be known as the 1M as per the M versions of the Z3 and Z4

  13. Omar azoobi says:

    Is this picture for 2010 135M?

  14. Shadow says:

    Actually there is an m1 concept floating around

    Look up the M1 Homage.

    I’d say if they are planning an m1, it’ll be above all the other classes, think on the level with lambourghini. looking at the concept pics, looks like that’s where they’re aiming.

    It’ll be a ironic twist. a super expensive sports car next to the lowest priced bmw’s in their lineup (dont mention minis, they’re simply owned by bmw.)

  15. Artmic says:

    i thought the 1 Series was geared towards people that can’t afford a 3 series? So if you bring an M1 to market for 40K+ who in their right mind will pay that type of money for a little car like that? WTF?

  16. Andy says:

    I was at a BMW training, and we had a final “free driving” around the race track. The instructor could hang-of any car with easy (all 1series). After the training he told me that his “135i” is a prototype and has 410PS. I could imagine that BMW might test different options, not necessary with the plan to bring them into production.

    The x35i engine as a lot of potential and I would assume that BMW could get similar or even better performance in regard to the M3 engine out of it (thanks to its turbos). A M-series car based on the 135i could be a lot cheaper then an M3. But with 410PS (and 400nm?) the gap between this care and a M3 (420PS and 400Nm at higher RPM) would be rather narrow.

  17. m6warrior says:

    the reaso they made the 1 series was to get back to their roots. the modern 3 series is larger than the traditional 5 series. bmw got famous for it german engineered small sportscars. the modern bmws have taken a turn to compete with mercedes-benz (3-C, 5-E, 6-CL, 7-S, etc.) and now they are trying to introduce a car that is more along the lines of the like pre-2000 3-series that was small and compact. also to own an M\\\ for under 50k would be wicked cool.

  18. Rambo says:

    I feel it makes lots of sense to bring a M1 into the market, i dont feel its a bad idea because from what i hear about the M1’s is that its not gonna be turbo charged but rather its going to be SUPER CHARGED which is amazing…………its gonna be a really fast car and one of a kind. I really can’t wait to see this thing sooner or later

  19. Artmic says:

    there is room IMO for an M1, slap a nice 360HP engine on it and you are done. :)

  20. bmw fan 5666 says:


  21. mohamad says:

    Hi I need bmw pless

  22. Doug says:

    True enough the 135i/335i both offer a good platform for further tuning but the plain and simple fact is neither will ever be an M car nor will it be cost effective to try and build one DIY from either model. They are far from M cars other than engine performance. What we forget here is the cache to owning the REAL thing may out weighs the cost of initial purchase and in most cases owning the M car all told and considering resale values and may actually even be cheaper in the long run. That said BMW M had better make this the real thing, not just a teak and a trim package. The car must be lighter, must have a serious suspension tune and must be raced to boot, IMHO.

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