The upcoming Tesla Model X, a fully-electric SUV for the environmentally concerned, yet still quite active, customer, has been making quite a bit of buzz lately. But the curtain was officially lifted and Tesla showed us the Wizard and it’s gotten mixed reviews. Some say it’s ugly, some say it’s too expensive, some say it’s not impressive enough and some say it’s all three. While others may claim it to be the environmental Messiah.

Whatever you think of it, though, it’s doubtful you think of it as an actual utility vehicle.


Apparently, this early customer felt otherwise. Tesla rates the Model X as having a 5,000 lb towing capacity, which is quite high actually. So this customer decided to give that a a test and was caught towing a trailer. It’s genuinely an interesting sight to see an electric SUV that looks like a minivan towing a big trailer. We don’t know what was in that trailer, it could have been nothing, but it’s still interesting to see.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the driver who was filming from the driver’s seat (which is incredibly irresponsible, as it seems Americans are more worried about emissions than how to actually behave behind the wheel) can’t keep up with it. Our little videographer is driving a Prius (I know, shocking) could barely keep up with the Model X while it was towing a trailer. Admittedly, the Toyota Prius is about the slowest moving object on Earth, second only the average sloth, but it’s still telling how the Model X seemed to haul ass even with a big trailer attached. Thank all of that 713 lb-ft of torque.


While there isn’t much more to this video than what I just described, it’s still worth watching it to see a Model X pulling a trailer whomp a Prius from a light. Plus everyone is in Model X-crazy mode at the moment so if you need your daily Model X fix, here it is. Plus you get to listen to No Doubt, if you’re into that.