Porsche Cayenne Coupe

BMW X6-fighting Porsche Cayenne Coupe caught testing

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Porsche Cayenne Coupe to take on BMW X6 in 2019

We just recently learned that the next-gen BMW X6 would be gaining an all new competitor from a brand new to the segment — the Audi Q8. It’s not the best looking SUV, the Q8,…

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Porsche Considering Cayenne Coupe to take on BMW X6

Us journalists have our opinions. Often times, our opinions are quite strong and almost unanimous. However, just because journalists feel one way doesn’t mean customers will feel the same. In fact, often times, journalists and…

Is Porsche Planning Cayenne-Based BMW X6 Rival?

The latest rumors on the interwebs says that Porsche is planning a BMW X6 rival. The coupe crossover would be built off the Cayenne model and will join the recently announced Mercedes-Benz MLC to take…