The latest rumors on the interwebs says that Porsche is planning a BMW X6 rival. The coupe crossover would be built off the Cayenne model and will join the recently announced Mercedes-Benz MLC to take on the popular BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe.

The so-called Cayenne Coupe, most likely not the marketing name, is in the design phase and has yet to be greenlighted over concerns that it might hurt the company’s image by adding yet another crossover to the line-up.

“We have been considering launching a more sporting derivative of the Cayenne for some time now,” a senior Porsche official told Autocar. “The problem has been the production capacity at our Leipzig factory and the strong sales of the regular Cayenne.”


If it will come to fruition, the “Cayenne Coupe” will make use of the new MLB Evo platform, which debuts in the 2015 Audi Q7 and will underpin the next-generation Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg as well as the new Bentley SUV and production Lamborghini Urus. Powertrains would come from the Cayenne SUV while differentiating itself through a sportier stance and sleeker design and look.

With the next Cayenne debuting only in 2017, plans for a coupe SUV from Porsche are still far out.

[Renderings: Theophilus Chin]