It’s official. The 2023 BMW M Town Tour has kicked off, and after beginning in California, it quickly made its way to Arizona. It will eventually traverse all 48 contiguous states in the US. While you could’ve registered a while back – and still could today – it seems like walk-ins are welcome, provided there is time and room. With three exciting M vehicles to drive and no fee or charge to speak of, it’s a good way to kill some time if you can go.

I registered online the minute I got the email and had no wait when I got to my local dealership. It was as easy as giving them my name and hopping in the vehicle I wanted to test drive. They offered one each of the M3 Competition and i4 M50 and three or four examples of the BMW XM. I guess they were anticipating lots of interest there. Unsurprisingly, there was a lot more interest in driving the M3 – equipped with the M Performance Exhaust, mind you – than anything else they had brought with them.

Things You Should Know About the 2023 BMW M Town Tour 

2023 BMW M Tour in Phoenix sign

Anyway, here are a few things to note if you decide to check out the 2023 BMW M Town Tour. First, for those curious, you’ll be riding alone – or with the passengers of your choosing – and not with anyone working the event. You’ll also have to sign a waiver containing endless legalese and including one important note: you have to promise not to turn off traction control. Secondly, between the three vehicles, you’re only ever guaranteed to drive one. However, I heard a rumor that if you’re really polite and there’s downtime, you might be able to drive more than one. Finally, register online beforehand if you can. It will reduce your wait times and (effectively) guarantee you a spot in the vehicle you want to drive. You can register here.

As an enthusiast, I highly recommend checking out the BMW M Town Tour at your local dealer. That goes doubly for anyone who hasn’t driven an XM, M3, or i4 M50 – all exciting in their own unique ways. And triply if you’re actually considering buying any of these high-performance vehicles. Find the time and have some fun!

XM and M3 Competition at 2023 BMW M Town Tour

BMW M Town Tour FAQ

What is BMW M Town?

Technically, BMW M Town is a fictional city functioning as a marketing ploy to get people more into M vehicles. The M Town Tour is a tour throughout the United States that showcases the abilities – and allows you to drive – a variety of BMW M vehicles.

When is the BMW M Town Tour?

You can check out this link and select your state and preferred dealership from the drop-down menu. It will give you a list of dates next to each dealership.

Where is BMW M Town located?

Not being a real city, M Town exists only in the minds of BMW marketing execs. But the M Town Tour takes place at (many, but not all) BMW dealerships in the United States through the summer of 2023.

What can I drive at the BMW M Town Tour? 

You’ll be able to drive a BMW XM, BMW M3 Competition with M Performance Exhaust, and electric BMW i4 M50.

Is BMW M Town Tour worth checking out? 

I did! Why not? Though you’re only guaranteed to drive one vehicle, it never hurts to ask – you might drive a little bit of everything if it isn’t too busy. Also, the staff is courteous and professional, and you’re driving an M car that isn’t yours for free – what’s not to love?