Electric only motors for BMW?

We believe that BMW will likely phase out internal combustion engines over the next 10 years,” Baron wrote.”

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Should BMW Build a Serious Off-Roader?

It’s a question that’s crossed our minds, and it may have crossed BMW’s board room tables. Should BMW build a serious off-roader? What defines a serious off-roader to begin with? What are the potential benefits…

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Can Heritage Hurt The BMW Brand?

Recently, while as a group the BMWBLOG team was mulling over the design of the 3 Series – *ahem* – 4 Series we found a moment of pause. During the discussion, Chuck Vossler brought up…

Pondering on BMW’s CFRP Past, Present, and Future

BMW? No Thank You.

A while back I wrote a column and asked the question: “Why BMW?” https://www.bmwblog.com/2011/11/28/column-why-bmw/ The response was massive and people from all corners of the world shared their thoughts and feelings as to why BMW…

Editorial: Further Thoughts On the i Brouhaha

The story of i’s demise (or, at least, diminishment) continue to make the rounds of auto sites and have even percolated up to generic news aggregators. In most cases the stories reflect on the dismal…

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Column: Why BMW?

Why do we like the things we like and choose X over Y? Why do some of us choose coffee over tea and Apple over Android? Why donuts over muffins? What are the reasons we…