A while back I wrote a column and asked the question: “Why BMW?” https://www.bmwblog.com/2011/11/28/column-why-bmw/

The response was massive and people from all corners of the world shared their thoughts and feelings as to why BMW has a special place in their hearts. From owners to mechanics to the obsessive few bunch out there and the aspirers, you have spoken and for that we thank you.

One could argue however that it’s only natural for most comments received from our readers to be positive and speak highly of the attributes and designs that BMW engineers into their cars. After all, this is BMWBLOG and if you frequent our site, then 9 times out of 10 you’re a fan of the brand!


But now to be fair, we want to hear from the people out there who perhaps were fans at some point but then left BMW for various reasons and sought their automotive cravings elsewhere. We also want to hear from people who always knew BMW wasn’t right for them, and, would also like to give the so-called “haters” or “trolls” who enjoy bashing on the company, a chance to intelligently and eloquently explain why when presented with the question, “Why BMW?” they respond with “No Thank You.”

So what is it? Maybe the Bangle era designs put you off indefinitely? Or is it perhaps the use of run-flat tires? Maybe it’s the sportier than usual ride, or maybe it’s the electric assisted steering? It could be anything from the use of turbos to the maintenance program offered to the reliability of the cars to the lack of a specific “feeling” you get from seeing or driving a BMW.

The responses are almost limitless and the floor is yours. Express away. Mind you, this isn’t designed or intended to facilitate blatant or baseless bashing, but more of a channel for you to explain why it is that perhaps you walked away from the brand, or, why it is you’ve never been able to “connect” with it in the first place. Even better, what hasn’t BMW been able to do in order to attract you or bring you back to the brand?

This is your chance. Why is company X better than BMW? Why did you leave the brand and what will it take to bring you back? Provide examples, substantiate your statements and make it count in the comments section below!