Ian Greene is the proud owner of not only a unique BMW M3, but also the first customer to take delivery of a Daytona Violet BMW F80  M3 at the BMW Welt in Munich. Just last week we also saw the first M4 in the U.S. featuring the same exceptional color.

The beautiful shade of violet first appeared on the E36 M3 and it’s inspired by the famous race and race track in Daytona, Florida.


Ian says the car is a daily driver and judging by the car seats in the back, this M3 seems to be a family car as well.


The special color can be ordered through the BMW Individual Program and it usually comes with a surcharge of $5,000. BMW Individual program allows customers to pick from different exterior and interior colors than the usual selections.


BMW, as well as many other German car makers, offers a European Delivery option when ordering a brand new Bimmer. Many people don’t realize that this program exists, otherwise I feel like there would be significantly more Americans doing it. It’s a wonderful program that allows the customer to not only get a significant discount on their car but a trip to Germany and other European countries as well as an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Owning a car like a BMW, especially something like an M car, is an experience. And the BMW Welt and the ED program offer just that.