BMW 1M Coupe

Video: V10 BMW 1M Coupe with 550 HP Is a Drift Machine

The BMW 1M Coupe received a lot of unexpected attention recently, when the BMW M2 reached the market. Everyone is comparing the two and the dispute is still on, regarding which one is better. And while…

Video: BMW 1M Takes on BMW M2 on the Drag Strip

The drag race we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The BMW 1M Coupe is taking on its successor, the BMW M2 on a proper drag strip. So, if you’ve wondered whether the older…

BMW 1M – Still One Of The Best Bimmers Ever

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BMW 1M Coupe in Alpine White color

BMW’s M Facebook page just posted a photos of the upcoming BMW 1M in Alpine White paint. The new “baby-M” will make its worldwide debut in exactly one week at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show….