The BMW 1M Coupe will surely become a collector’s item later down the line. One of the smallest BMW M car ever made is also one of the rarest and best handling models to come out of Munich. Even though the 1M Coupe felt like it was an afterthought at first, it proved its worth time and time again and its prices today surely confirm it. That’s because despite its age, the 1M Coupe is still being sold at roughly the same price as when it was new.

However, prices are bound to go up in the future, as less and less of the just over 6,000 1M cars the Germans made are still roaming the roads. Furthermore, as petrol and diesel cars are on their back foot right now, to be replaced by EVs in the future, fun small cars like this will be more and more desirable. One lucky guy managed to get his hands on what looks like a mint model at a recent auction in the UK, for close to what a brand new M2 costs these days.

The auction saw the man pay £42,750 which adds up to roughly $56,157 at today’s exchange rates. The car is painted Valencia Orange and comes with a manual 6-speed as that was the only choice customers could’ve gone for. The odometer shows 32,000 miles (51,499km) and that’s a decent figure for a performance car, as long as it was maintained properly. What makes this acquisition even more interesting is the fact that the car is right-hand drive.

Sure, the audience it appeals to may not be global but on the other hand, out of the 6,300 1M Coupes ever made, only 450 of them were RHD. That makes this car even rarer and the buyer will surely turn a good profit in a couple of years if he decides to sell as well.

[Note: This is not the actual car up for auction]