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VIDEO: Is the BMW Z8 Worth Investing in Now?

Without question, one of the prettiest cars BMW ever built was the Z8. Henrik Fisker’s incredible retro design could even be the prettiest thing to ever wear a Roundel, with only the BMW 507 —…

Sebastian Vettel’s BMW Z8 listed for 200,000 euros

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7,700 Mile BMW Z8 is asking for BMW M8 Money

I’ve been asked about my dream BMW a number of times and, to my surprise, my answer has never changed. I am still very much in love with the BMW Z8 and I think it’s…

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BMW Z8 (E52): 20 years since the rebirth of an icon

The Z8 is one of the most spectacular roadsters that BMW ever built, embodying powerful styling cues from the original 507 of the ’50s into a modern, timeless design. The automotive world got an indication…

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VIDEO: Check Out Why the BMW Z8 is So Valuable

BMW isn’t exactly a roadster brand. In fact, over the course of its hundred-year history, it’s only made a handful of true roadsters. However, the few that it’s made have been outstanding. The BMW 507…

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The rare BMW ALPINA Roadster V8 Limited Edition

The BMW ALPINA Roadster V8 Limited Edition is considered the temporary continuation of the iconic Z8 after the production of the E52 model series ceased in November 2002. The BMW Z8 is a marvelous roadster….