For his latest video, YouTube sensation Tyler “Hoovies” Hoover decided to assemble his idea of a BMW Dream Team, consisting of no fewer than six models. All are painted in silver and approximately 20 years old, including what is arguably the prettiest of the lot – the iconic Z8. It’s actually the most expensive car he bought on his own, and at the same time, the cheapest for sale in the United States at the time of the purchase.

It’s a trouble-free car with 37,000 miles on the clock when he bought it and now rides on the gorgeous wheels of the Alpina model rather than the shiny ones fitted by BMW. Those were a $5,000 upgrade and we argue they’re worth every cent as they nicely complement the retro look of the roadster. Speaking of which, joining the Z8 is another convertible, a Z3 2.8 with less than 100,000 miles. It was a repossessed car for which he spent $2,000 to buy and another $3,000 to fix, before selling it for $5,000 to even things out.

Beyond these two-seater cabrios, Hoovies also acquired a significantly more practical car, the E46 M3 with 77,000 miles. It originally had a bad transmission before receiving a $3,000 replacement, plus an extra $1,000 to fix miscellaneous issues. All in, he paid around $28,000 and sold it for the exact same amount.


Stepping up to the E39 M5, the high-performance sedan has racked up 160,000 miles and he bought for just $14,000, plus approximately $7,000 to fix all the problems it had. Then there’s the 740i Sport he’s had for a couple of years during which he took care of the electrical issues and the timing chain guides. He bought it for $8,000 and paid about the same to sort out the problems before selling it for $19,000, thus making a nice little profit.

As for the only SUV from the lot, the X5 with 113,000 miles cost $7,500 and Hoovies managed to get only $4,500 back. That’s because there are a lot of mechanical problems with it, and while he lost money on it, he’s glad he got rid of the vehicle since it’s a veritable money pit. Before handing out the cars to their rightful owners, the popular YouTuber invited his friends to take all six for a final drive together. Of course, the Z8 stands out the most among all Dream Team BMWs.

[Source: Hoovies Garage / YouTube]