BMW X7 M50i Individual G07 in Tanzanite Blue 7 830x553

What’s the One BMW That You Love but Shouldn’t?

In life, we all have exceptions to our rules. We all have things that we like, even though we typically wouldn’t, or things we don’t like, even though it seems like we should. Sometimes, we…

Report says BMW iX7 design proposals have been developed, not approved yet

BMW M5 E60M 2005 1 830x553

Which BMW Designs Have Gotten Better With Age?

BMW design is in an interesting place at the moment. Its cars are getting bigger, more bloated and its design language is straying further and further from tradition. It’s not just the new mahoosive grilles…

BMW 507 13 750x500

Which Classic BMW Would You Convert to Electric?

As the electric car became more mainstream, classic car enthusiasts grew more and more worrisome. To owners of classic cars, electrification seemed like a threat to their passion. However, it might actually be electrification that…

asmr x7 830x553

Video: The BMW X7 ASMR experience in the car wash

In the last few years, a new phenomenon has taken over the Internet: ASMR. The acronym stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, but lately it got a much wider meaning. Basically, it describes the feeling…