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The BMW M1 almost got a second chance

Fans of the Bavarian brand know the BMW M1 well. It was BMW’s lone supercar, a car for fans to dream of BMW creating again. The M1 was a mid-engined masterpiece that almost didn’t happen…

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BMW M1 at Legends of the Autobahn

BMW USA Classic brought the BMW M1 to this year’s Legends of the Autobahn. Coming straight from the BMW Zentrum, the M1 is in pristine condition and looks just as fresh as it did over…

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What name should BMW use for a future supercar

The BMW supercar is the talk of the town lately. As we approach the company’s 100th year anniversary, the hopes around a new BMW supercar are higher than ever. Purists hope that the company will properly…

BMW i8 vs BMW M1 – Track battle

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The BMW M1 Procar “Yes to the Nürburgring”

The BMW M1 Procar “Yes to the Nürburgring” is the latest addition to Masakuni Hosobuchi′s treasure chest. Masakuni Hosobuchi is the chairman of the BMW Club Japan and a real BMW enthusiast. In his car…

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Photo Comparison: BMW M1 vs BMW i8

Auto Motor und Sport compares two of the most exciting cars every designed by BMW. One one hand, we have BMW’s only supercar ever built, the M1 (excluding the one-off M8) and the progressive sportscar…

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Ultimate Photo Gallery: BMW M1

Like most great supercars, the M1 was conceptualized as a race car, and then homologated through civilian series production. In the mid 1970s, BMW had an itch to beat Porsche on the racetrack – not…