Who makes better wheels: BMW or AMG?

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BMW and AMG have been combating each other for decades, now. The two make up a sort of German ‘Mustang vs Camaro’. Typically, though, when …

BMW and AMG have been combating each other for decades, now. The two make up a sort of German ‘Mustang vs Camaro’. Typically, though, when comparing these two brands, enthusiasts compare engines, dynamics, handling and performance figures. But what about something a lot simpler — wheels? In this recent article from Jalopnik, they ask which car company makes the better set of wheels, either BMW or AMG.

It’s actually rather interesting because we’re looking at each car’s entire catalog of wheels, not just a handful of cars. Each brand has a few great select wheels throughout their respective histories. For instance, AMG has had a series of five-spoke, beef think wheels that have always looked really good. There’s also the set of fan-blade wheels from the Mercedes SLR McLaren (if you can consider that an AMG). BMW has also had a few really memorable wheel options. For instance, the BMW M1’s Campagnolo are stunning and were wonderfully recreated on the M1 Concept. There are also the Style 37 M Parallel wheels, which looks great on almost any BMW from the ’90s or early ’00s.

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As for current cars, both BMW and AMG are pretty even. Both brands have had some great wheels, recently. For instance, the ten-spoke wheels of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG S look awesome, especially on that car. BMW has also had the Style 666M wheels from the M4 GTS and Competition Package, which are some of my favorite wheels of any modern car.

As a whole, though, BMW has to take the wheel-win, here. It’s not that AMG is necessarily worse than BMW at making wheels but that BMW has a much larger catalog and has been making great wheels for a very long time, longer than AMG. And there are more classics from BMW, whereas AMG’s wheels are typically similar and a bit on the subtle side. At least the older ones are. To be honest, there aren’t many companies at all that can match BMW’s brilliant catalog of great wheels, AMG included.

[Source: Jalopnik]

22 responses to “Who makes better wheels: BMW or AMG?”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    bmw. amg just copy

  2. Kaisuke971 says:

    BMW of course why is that even a question ? Ok AMG have their classic five spokes and the newer star looking ones but that’s it. BMW has a vast catalogue, now and then, of very good looking wheels

  3. Arunabh says:

    not a point to debate.. BMW !!

  4. Timothy Gough says:

    I like AMG but they have to take a big “fall back, have a seat” on this one. BMW runs the wheels game. Although I would like them to have black/dark grey versions of their wheels available.

    • disqus_8YchtRit8p says:

      Do they not? Thought I saw them on their stand @ Toronto show yesterday.

      • John The Greatest says:

        So you are back. I thought you had said goodbye!?

      • Timothy Gough says:

        Not on all the models. For instance, there’s someone who wanted the new 6GT and desired it on black wheels. It isn’t available on BMW’s options list. It’s the same for a few other models. Black/dark grey options should be made available on all models.

        • disqus_8YchtRit8p says:

          New model, not even on our configurator yet. But corporate website offers black rims on similar 5 Series. My experience is BMW seldom refuse $$$, even if after market. BMW Performance had multiple product on their stand, including dark rims, carbon fibre. Website has multiple options just on steering wheels.

          • Timothy Gough says:

            6GT is on configurator here in the UK. You’re right that the 5 series offers black rims and BMW seldom refuse $$$. But where is the black rims for X3 and X4 ?

          • disqus_8YchtRit8p says:

            BMW Performance?
            After market?
            Don’t really see a problem here.

          • Timothy Gough says:

            You’re correct, one can get black rims after-market but its just much sweeter and more trust can be placed in the product if acquired from BMW directly especially whilst configuring a new build.

          • disqus_8YchtRit8p says:

            Aren’t they generally from outside suppliers & BMW retail them? My E9 had BBS Mahles.

          • John The Greatest says:

            In yo dreams. You do not have an E9. You have a rusted Renault 5.

  5. Matt Stokes says:

    I don’t care as long as they aren’t 390mm diameter :D

  6. Al says:

    Both arent great. they make some nice wheels but they also makd some really ugly ones.
    Besides the 666 on the comp package cars, not sure i like any of the bmw wheels.
    Amg 5 spoke is great.

  7. mod9 says:

    I would say that I side with BMW, not by much. There are some from Mercedes that I love.

  8. Hinu says:

    Better? Or nicer? You aren’t asking what is better…

  9. A.F.S. says:

    The last cool looking AMG wheel were the “Hammers” back in the ‘80’s….have to give BMW the nod here

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