1 Series

BMW 1 Series Coupe and BMW 1 Series Convertible Limited 06 750x500

BMW 1 Series Convertible Official Press Photos

So finally, months after the BMW 135i Official Press Photos have been released, new official documents showing the BMW 1-series convertible have been released to the press. The BMW 1-series convertible line for the U.S…

bmw 335i gt xdrive 24 750x500

Debate: BMW 335i vs 2007 Subaru WRX STI

In my previous comparison last week on the BMW 135i vs Subaru STI I have shared some of the pros and cons in my opinion. Since both the BMW 135i and 2008 Subaru STI are…

2013 bmw 135is 750x500


So, it’s finally here. After all these month of uncertainty and speculations, we finally have official documents that show the new BMW 1-series coming to the US. Everyone is excited about the BMW 135i which…

New Three-door BMW 1 Series Arrives In UK