Every single official image we’ve seen so far of the new BMW M5 has depicted the performance sedan with a carbon fiber roof. That makes sense since the lightweight panel is an optional feature and press photos typically show fully loaded cars. The more extras you add, the higher the profit margins are for the company.

But what about the standard roof? After all, the carbon upgrade only shaves off 66 pounds (30 kilograms) on a car that weighs 5,390 lbs (2,445 kg) in US specification. The lightweight panel is not really going to make a big difference, is it? We’ve found the panoramic glass sunroof buried deep in the German configurator of the “G90.”

Included on the base M5, the sunroof is touted as being a “body-mounted module” and is much larger than what the “F90” had. It’s an expansive glass section stretching from just behind the windshield to near the rear window. The Sky Lounge Panoramic Roof measures a stately 841 mm (33 in) long and 818 mm (32 inches) wide.

BMW touts the sunroof’s aperture is nearly 90% larger than what the previous-generation M5 had. However, its predecessor had a tilt/slide sunroof whereas the seventh-gen model boasts a fixed glass piece. On the flip side, it does come with an electrically operated roller blind in the same color as the headliner. It provides interior shading when you don’t want the interior to be flooded with light now that the aperture is so much bigger.

Speaking of the headliner, it can be optionally covered in Alcantara for an extra €1,200 in Germany. We’re expecting the M5 Touring to have the panoramic glass sunroof as standard as well. It remains to be seen whether BMW will offer a carbon option considering it doesn’t for the smaller M3 Touring. However, tuners have already chopped off the G81’s roof to fit the lighter panel.

Source: BMW Deutschland