The same YouTube channel that intentionally leaked the BMW Skytop is at it again. This time it’s an arguably more important model since it’s a production vehicle. Not only that, we are dealing with the X3, the company’s best-selling product in 2023. Seen here is the M Performance model, no longer called the X3 M40i. Going forward, it’s going to be named the X3 M50.

The four-minute video shows the range-topping X3 (G45) from all angles, both inside and outside. As with recent M Performance models, it features a distinctive front grille design with horizontal bars and an M logo. The regular X3s will have unusually styled kidneys – as seen in the previous leak showing the plug-in hybrid. The lesser flavors of the luxury crossover will have a grille similar in style to the 1 Series F70.

The styling is an evolution of the outgoing G01, but now with flush door handles. Expect the next-gen model to be a little bit bigger now that the X1 and X2 have grown so much. At the rear, the X3 M50 has a quad exhaust system. We can also spot the two-tone wheels measure 21 inches, but BMW has already told us a larger 22-inch set will be offered.

The X3 is the latest model from Bavaria to adopt iDrive 9. However, it (thankfully) keeps the rotary knob. It has lost the chunky gear lever in favor of a small selector, which the iX3 has had for nearly two years. The fully electric CLAR-based model will continue for a while, but it’ll be subsequently replaced by a Neue Klasse-based vehicle. The future iX3 enters production in the second half of 2025.

The M50 has a simplified dashboard with fewer traditional buttons. Likely exclusive to this version and lesser models with the M Sport Package is the M badge near the USB ports. The ambient lighting in the M colors is a nice touch. We’ve already gotten used to the flat-bottomed steering wheel and its red 12 o’clock accent.

Technical specifications are not available but the world premiere is mere hours away. Logic tells us more power is on the way given the name change from M40i to M50.