MINI introduced the new Cooper 5-Door yesterday but without showing us how the sporty John Cooper Works Trim. However, that omission has now been rectified as the German configurator is already up and running. Seen here is the more potent Cooper S in the confusing JCW Trim that’s all show without any extra go. A real JCW variant of the F65 is not planned, but the 3-Door F66 will get one later this year.

The Cooper S JCW Trim doesn’t come cheap since MINI is charging €42,460 before extra goodies. All the optional colors are €600 and you have to pay an additional €150 for the stripes. You get 17-inch black wheels as standard whereas the 18-inch set commands a €650 premium. As for the roof, it can be white, red, black, or in the same color as the rest of the body. These are no-cost options. The side mirrors are color-matched with the roof.

The interior comes in a fixed configuration with black synthetic leather and knitted fabric upholstery with red stitching. The cabin is more spacious than that of the 3-Door model since MINI stretched the wheelbase by 72 mm (2.8 in). Overall, the 5-Door body style is 172 mm (6.7 in) longer. At the same time, it’s a bit bigger than the previous-generation model, the F55.

Visually, the JCW Trim stands out with its more aggressive front and rear diffusers along with an angrier-looking grille. MINI fits the updated John Cooper Works logo just so everyone knows this isn’t a run-of-the-mill F65. As with the other trim levels, the 5-Door gets slightly wider tires than its predecessor, which should make it look more substantial.

With no actual JCW on the way, this is the sportiest iteration of the F65 money can buy. The Cooper S has a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 204 hp and 221 lb-ft (300 Nm). This B48 BMW engine enables the small hatchback to reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in 6.8 seconds and max out at 150 mph (242 km/h).

Source: MINI Deutschland