It makes sense for an automaker to put its best foot forward at the reveal of a new model. BMW introduced the fourth-generation 1 Series by showing the compact hatchback with M goodies. Not just the M135, but lesser versions with the M Sport Package or the M Sport Design. In case you’re curious how the F70 looks with no optional goodies whatsoever, this is it.

In typical BMW fashion, the luxury brand wastes no time in firing up the online configurator for a new product. The 2025 1 Series is already customizable at home in Germany, which has historically been the most important market for the 1er. You’re looking at the 120, now without the “i” at the end of its name. It’s painted in Sapphire Black and equipped with 17-inch wheels for which a customer doesn’t have to pay extra. Every other body color or wheel design incurs a premium.

The old F40 used to have steel wheels and a manual gearbox in its most basic configuration but that’s no longer the case. Its successor has alloys and an automatic transmission from the get-go. It also does away with leather inside where BMW is proud to offer a fully vegan cabin. Depending on the version you go for, there’s cloth, Veganza (artificial leather), and Alcantara.

Another notable change is the omission of an iDrive rotary knob and separate buttons for the climate settings. You’ll be accessing most functions from the center display, which has a 10.7-inch diagonal. BMW also got rid of the chunky gear lever and replaced it with a small selector. The center console has been drastically simplified but you still get a handful of buttons between the seats.

Although the configurator has gone live in the 1 Series’ domestic market, the global launch isn’t due until October. BMW celebrates the 20th anniversary of its entry-level car in 2024 and continues to buck the trend by not offering a plug-in hybrid powertrain. A fully electric F70 isn’t happening either. Those seeking an electrified setup in this segment will have to get an X1/iX1.

Source: BMW Deutschland