It’s been a while since ALPINA had news to share but it looks like a new model is right around the corner. Without disclosing the car’s identity, the Buchloe-based niche marque has released a teaser image of an upcoming product. For now, we can only catch a glimpse of the rear, painted in the typical ALPINA Green color. We can also observe two of the four exhaust tips next to a body-colored diffuser.

As to what can it be, there aren’t a lot of options. The shape of the rear bumper excludes the possibility of this being related to the B8. A new B7 has already been officially dismissed for the time being. It could return with the 7 Series LCI several years from now, but this car certainly isn’t it. A B5 is unlikely to happen either, or so we’ve heard. The XB7 has already gone through a mid-cycle facelift, so we’re ruling it out as well.

The next-generation X3 (G45) debuts later this month but an ALPINA variant is unlikely to arrive sooner, if at all. With BMW planning to push its newly acquired brand upmarket after 2025, the future looks grim for these lesser cars. The current XD3 and XD4 are likely to continue only until the current-generation models run their course, without direct replacements.

The B4 and D4 S models based on the 4 Series Gran Coupe have different rear ends since the parking sensors are positioned lower. That leaves us with the B3 and D3 S, presumably based on the recently launched 2025 3 Series. ALPINA likely wants to align the models with the mild changes BMW made to its midsize sedan and wagon.

The B3 and D3 S are likely living on borrowed time as well since company officials have hinted focus will be shifted to more expensive models. These two cars are expected to continue until BMW retires the G20 and G21 several years from now. We wouldn’t hold our breath for next-gen models based on the 3 Series G50 and G51.

Source: ALPINA / Instagram