It’s the end of an era for BMW in the UK where the 3 Series has lost its diesel engines. The second update introduced this week to the sedan and wagon duo does away with oil-burners. Going forward, at least for the time being, the G20 and G21 will be exclusively offered with gasoline engines. It follows a similar decision taken in March 2023 when several diesel model variants were dropped. Why? BMW UK cited poor sales.

Although the diesels have bid adieu from the UK lineup, the 3 Series continues to be offered in 320d, 320d xDrive, and 330d xDrive flavors in other markets. Even the M340d xDrive is sticking around with this mild LCI in some European countries. BMW UK doesn’t say whether the diesel engines will return later in the life cycle or if they’re gone completely.

The popularity of diesels has greatly declined since the messy scandal at the Volkswagen Group in 2015. Increasingly stricter emissions regulations have also made it harder for automakers to sell diesel cars without risking fines. That’s why more and more models are no longer offered with diesel engines, especially smaller cars.

Concomitantly, advancements made with plug-in hybrids have convinced some people to switch to electrified cars. The new 330e is a good example since it can now cover 63 miles (101 kilometers) without the combustion engine running. It’s made possible by upgrading the battery from the previous 9.09-kWh net capacity to a more substantial 19.5 kWh.

BMW continues to sell the 3 Series in 330e and 330e xDrive iterations whereas the 320e has been removed from the lineup. Not just in the UK, but everywhere else. British buyers only get the rear-wheel-drive 330e in both sedan and wagon body styles.

When the new X3 (G45) debuts sometime next month, it won’t have a diesel M Performance version. The current X3 M40d is on its way out and won’t be replaced. Similarly, BMW won’t be doing another M550d, X5 M50d, X6 M60d, or an X7 M50d.

Source: BMW UK