In a strategic overhaul of its DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) program, BMW M Motorsport has announced a new line-up for the 2024 season, entrusting Schubert Motorsport with three BMW M4 GT3s. The decision marks a significant shift from BMW’s traditional approach, unifying its DTM efforts under a single banner to enhance its title aspirations. The move sees DTM champions René Rast, Sheldon van der Linde, and Marco Wittmann joining forces at Schubert Motorsport, creating an all-star team with a staggering seven DTM titles among them.

Consolidated Strength for a Unified Title Chase

BMW M Motorsport’s strategy to consolidate its DTM lineup within Schubert Motorsport underscores its determination to reclaim the championship crown. By focusing its resources, BMW aims to create the “optimal conditions” for success, according to Andreas Roos, Head of BMW M Motorsport. The assembled trio of Rast, van der Linde, and Wittmann brings together a wealth of experience and success, promising a strong front in the battle for the title.

Schubert Motorsport, a top contender in GT3 racing and a significant player in the DTM since joining in 2022, has proven its prowess by clinching the title in its debut season with van der Linde. Despite a challenging season last year, the team remained competitive, with van der Linde and Rast both securing victories and finishing in the top five. The addition of Wittmann, moving from the now-defunct Project 1 outfit, is seen as a crucial enhancement to the team’s strength. Wittmann, a two-time champion, has long advocated for equal opportunities within BMW’s DTM operations and his move to Schubert Motorsport is anticipated to address this concern, levelling the playing field within the team.

Only Three BMW M4 GT3s On The Grid

With only three M4 GT3s set to grace the DTM grid this year, BMW’s decision to concentrate its factory efforts on Schubert Motorsport represents a calculated gamble to maximize its championship potential. The focus on a single team allows for a more cohesive strategy and development path, potentially giving BMW the edge needed to compete at the highest level.