Let’s start with a story of the past. It was 2016, BMW drops a bombshell on the automotive world with the unveiling of the BMW 2002 Hommage concept. The one-off was a stunning two-door sportscar that captured the heart of M enthusiasts, instantly. Compared to recent concepts, or even production series models, this concept was received with overwhelming positivity. Inspired by the BMW 2002 Turbo—the pioneering car that was Europe’s first production car with turbocharging tech—this Hommage was a bold statement of retro design and sheer beauty. It took the essence of the BMW 2 Series and cranked it up to eleven, making every line, every curve, a testament to the original’s legacy, while pushing the envelope of modern design, and likely performance too.

A Project Worth Revisiting

Now, for those in the know, the original BMW 2002 is not just any car; it’s the cornerstone, the very foundation that catapulted BMW into the sport sedan stratosphere and turned it into the legend we revere today. So naturally, we were all excited with the prospect of seeing this hommage on the road, especially since it looked production-ready. But unfortunately, despite having a plan to bring it to the market, the 2002 Hommage ended up in the usual BMW secret garage somewhere in Munich.

So, let’s dive into why BMW not just could, but absolutely should, take this concept idea from the showroom to the streets. First off, the design—it’s downright gorgeous, but of course, it will need a refresh to bring it in-line with the current 2 Series and G87 M2. The BMW 2002 Hommage brilliantly captured the spirit of the 2002 Turbo, so a new iteration would need to do the same. Secondly, the stellar aerodynamics on the hommage would need to be replicated, especially those flared wheel arches and the big rear wing.

Next, it needs a proper engine. Luckily, BMW has one. With the S58 engine under the hood, we’re talking north of 550 horsepower, easily. Pair that with a six-speed manual from the Z4 M40i, and you’ve got a recipe for a driving experience that’s as exhilarating as it is unique. In an era where the manual transmission is becoming a rare gem, this could be a defining feature that sets the Hommage apart.

And here’s the kicker: BMW has already shown they can do a limited run with a high price tag. Remember the $750,000 50-unit run of the BMW 3.0 CSL? That was proof positive that there’s a market for these limited-edition masterpieces. With the right platform, the G87, and that powerhouse S58 engine, the 2002 Hommage isn’t just feasible; it’s a potential icon in the making.

So, Why Build It?

Because it represents everything BMW stands for: building proper sportscars, delivering top performance, and having a deep respect for its heritage. This isn’t just about bringing a concept to life; it’s about making a statement, about pushing boundaries and celebrating the spirit of driving. The BMW 2002 Hommage has all the makings of a classic, a collector’s dream that would sell like hotcakes, especially in the US. Give it a manual, and it’s not just a car; it’s a legacy on wheels.

BMW, the time is now. If not now, then when? The 2002 Hommage is your chance to create something truly unforgettable. This is your moment to show the world that the spirit of the 2002 Turbo is alive and well, and ready to set the streets on fire once more. Let’s make history, again, before the EV world is upon us!