BMW has recently filed a patent focused on alleviating motion sickness in vehicles, particularly for rear-seat passengers. The patent introduces the idea of a roof-mounted display, exemplified by the Theater Screen in the latest BMW 7 Series, as a solution to prevent occupants from experiencing discomfort during travel. The automotive industry has long sought ways to address motion sickness, with various approaches explored by companies like Volkswagen and Jaguar. As the prospect of self-driving cars advances, the prevalence of motion sickness is expected to rise, making BMW’s proactive approach crucial.

Could Prevent Motion Sickness

The patent, discovered by CarBuzz, suggests using a panoramic glass roof to simulate movement, but this may be compromised by ceiling-mounted displays. BMW proposes a solution by creating the illusion of a see-through ceiling, achieved through images displayed on the screen or projected onto the ceiling. Eye-tracking technology ensures alignment with the occupant’s perspective. For multiple passengers experiencing motion sickness, virtual and augmented reality technologies could be employed. The complexity of this solution involves integrating sensors, cameras, GPS, weather data, and AI to provide an accurate and dynamic portrayal of the surroundings on the ceiling-mounted display.

BMW currently offers the Theater Screen in the i7 and 7 Series models, along with the 5 Series long wheelbase in China. The first-ever BMW Theater Screen features a massive 31-inch display in a 32:9 format (16:9 and 21:9 also available) with support for crisp 8K resolution. The Theatre Screen has features you’d normally come to expect from a smart TV and benefits from built-in Amazon Fire TV services.

Announced at the beginning of the year, the Bundesliga pilot application now works on the Theatre Screen inside the latest-generation BMW 7 Series. It gets better as Bundesliga content can now also be streamed by using the BMW Bundesliga In-Car App offered only in the company’s flagship model by accessing the built-in Fire TV app store of the optionally available Theatre Screen. By having support for 5G connectivity, the German luxury brand promises optimal streaming.

The display is not just for watching your favorite movies, but also for playing games, listening to music, and downloading apps. It works together with the Bowers & Wilkins sound system or by hooking up to two Bluetooth headphones. Will BMW continue to offer the Theater Screen in future models? It remains to be seen, but so far the reactions to the large screen were positive with plenty of owners raving about its specs. You can see the patent application here.