While the first generation of the BMW X2 received a somewhat lukewarm reception, the all-new 2024 BMW X2 offers some exciting changes. Changes happen throughout the small SUV, from the curvaceous new exterior to a next-gen interior. Even the hotter BMW X2 M35i has some impressive new additions. Here are the main differences between the outgoing 2023 BMW X2 and the newest version, the 2024 BMW X2.

Styling and Size Differences

The 2024 BMW X2 gets several styling changes. Overall, you’ll find more premium features than on the 2023 BMW X2, with available options like an illuminated kidney grille and 20-inch wheels across the range. BMW revised the lighting signatures in the front and rear, and a cool gurney flap-style spoiler is newly unique to the model. The new X2 also has more pronounced hips than the outgoing model and a more prominently curving roofline – giving the Sport Activity Coupe a look that closely resembles a shrunken BMW X4.

In general, all models of the 2024 BMW X2 are larger than the 2023 BMW X2. It’s 7.1 inches (18 cm) longer, around an inch wider, and stands 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) taller. Separately, the X2 M35i also gets many model-specific upgrades. M styling cues like a quad exit exhaust system, painted M Sport Brakes, and aggressive M-specific aerodynamic side mirrors make it hard to confuse it with the lower trims. A front grille with horizontal slates wears M badging. The front and rear aprons feature more aggressive air inlets, and paint-matched fender flares complete the BMW M makeover.

Interior and Cargo Space Differences

The 2024 BMW X2 gets a heavily revised makeover when it comes to the cabin. New Veganza synthetic leather replaces the outgoing model’s SensaTec. Leather is available in European markets but not in the US. The newest BMW iDrive Operating System – iDrive 9 – powers the curved display comprising a 10.7-inch central display and 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster. That’s a significant improvement over the now two-generations-old iDrive system in the 2023 BMW X2. A chunky leather-wrapped steering wheel comes standard, and the front seats have plenty of space thanks to the much smaller gear selector.

Larger exterior dimensions don’t always translate to more space inside a vehicle. But the 2024 BMW X2 offers slightly more total cargo capacity than the 2023 model – 51.7 cubic feet (1,464 liters) compared to 50.1 cubic feet (1,418 liters). Both have seating for five, although the back seat will be a bit cramped if you’re carrying adults.

Engine Differences and the First-Ever All-Electric BMW iX2

While the different versions available to you vary depending on where you live, the 2024 BMW X2 generally offers similar engines as its predecessor. A handful of petrol variants utilize turbocharged four- and three-cylinder engines. A diesel option is available in select markets, and “another diesel-engined example” will be added to the lineup in summer 2024.

The X2 M35i is available in many markets – including the US – but the biggest change is the addition of the all-electric variant, the iX2. Currently limited to one trim – the iX2 xDrive30 – with a second one planned for later in 2024, it’s the first fully-electric Sport Utility Coupe from BMW’s regular lineup. It isn’t coming to the market in the US, but international buyers can look forward to a 417-449 km range (WLTP).

Performance Differences

The standard X2 sDrive20i generates 125 kW/170 horsepower courtesy of a three-cylinder Efficient Dynamics engine. It’s a big jump from the three-cylinder found in the 2023 X2 sDrive18i, which only made 140 horsepower / 103 kW. It also incorporates a 48-volt mild hybrid system, further separating the two generations of BMW X2. The manual option is gone for 2024, and you can now choose from dual-clutch and traditional automatic transmissions. The X2 sDrive28i – a standard model in the US and other markets – increases power to 241 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The 2023 X2 had to make do with just 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet.

Somewhat predictably, the best performance in the 2024 BMW X2 comes from the X2 M35i and iX2 variants. The best combustion engine performer – the X2 M35i – generates 312 horsepower / 233 kW in most markets (just 300 in Europe), a small increase from the 2023 model. The electric version makes considerably more torque – 364 pound-feet / 494 Nm – and a still-impressive 313 horsepower / 230 kW. BMW says it’ll hit zero to 60 mph in around 5.6 seconds, just two-tenths of a second behind the 2024 X2 M35i.

2024 BMW X2 vs. 2023 BMW X2: A Step Up

From interior refinement to performance and technology, the 2024 BMW X2 is a step up. In almost every metric, it represents a better overall vehicle than the older model.

Is BMW bringing the iX2 to United States?

No! Unfortunately, the all-electric BMW iX2 is not planned for the U.S. market as of 2024.

What is the price of the 2024 BMW X2?

The 2024 BMW X2 xDrive28i has an MSRP of $42,000. The rear-wheel drive BMW X2 sDrive28i starts at $36,600. Upgrade to the X2 M35i and you’ll be paying $51,400 for the M Performance version

Is the BMW X2 getting a facelift?

For 2024, the BMW X2 is a brand-new model with a new design. It has the codename U10 and it’s bigger in size than the 2023 BMW X2