You can easily tell BMW is anxious to bring back the Neue Klasse by increasing its marketing efforts two years ahead of the NK’s debut. While the original New Class was a lineup of sedans and coupes that turned the company’s fortunes around in the 1960s, the spiritual successor will mean much more. It’s going to represent a new family of EVs with next-gen batteries, a fresh design language, and better tech. It’ll usher in iDrive 10 and the Panoramic Vision head-up display, among other novelties.

Arriving in 2025 with an X3-like electric crossover that will be shortly followed by a zero-emission 3 Series Sedan, the Neue Klasse is already present in South Korea. Well, kind of. BMW’s regional branch teamed up with the Kyobo Book Center to open a dedicated area at the shop in Gangnam. Located in the country’s capital Seoul, the library invites visitors to see into the future of the automaker’s EV revolution.

Dubbed “The Neue New,” the special space at the library will be up and running until March 17, 2024. It includes interviews with no fewer than 107 people “who interpret and create newness in their own way in their daily lives.” There’s also an experience zone where you can come up with your own answers to questions pertaining to what’s new and your definition of what new represents. A selection of curated books about newness is accessible there.

BMW says visitors go home with a bunch of free gifts and can also buy merchandise. Essays, prose, and fiction by authors focusing on newness in several fields can be purchased there as well. Lessons learned from the Neue Klasse platform will be applied across the lineup, including on CLAR-based vehicles and compact models based on front-wheel-drive architectures. BMW intends to have at least six NK-based purely electric vehicles on sale by 2028.

Source: BMW South Korea