BMW has issued a recall impacting a modest 552 cars, spanning across multiple products. Owners are urged to promptly bring in their vehicles to address a potential issue with automatic transmissions, where oil leakage may lead to gear seizing. The recall spans across 10 products, including one Toyota model – the GR Supra. BMW informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the problem arises from a possible improper welding of two halves of the transmission control unit housing by a supplier. This could result in transmission oil leaking into the unit and coming into contact with electrical components.

BMW emphasized to regulators that, in affected vehicles, this flaw might lead to the seizure of transmission gears. The company underscored the importance of addressing the issue promptly, stating that a transmission seizure at high speeds could compromise vehicle handling and control, heightening the risk of a crash. The NHTSA notice says: ““If the function and operation of the transmission was affected, this could lead to a seizure of the transmission gears,” the company says. “Transmission seizure at high speed could affect vehicle handling and control and increase the risk of a crash.”

No accidents or injuries related to this problem have been reported, with the transmission supplier being the entity that discovered the issue. Dealerships will rectify the problem by replacing the entire transmission mechatronics module and automatic transmission fluid as necessary, and all recall repairs will be conducted free of charge. While recalls are typically initiated to address safety defects, and automakers make efforts to reach all affected owners, achieving complete outreach is often challenging.

Affected models:

  • 2023 BMW 3 Series
  • 2023 BMW 4 Series
  • 2023 BMW 5 Series
  • 2023 BMW 8 Series
  • 2023 BMW X3
  • 2023 BMW X4
  • 2023 BMW X5
  • 2023 BMW X6
  • 2023 BMW Z4
  • 2023 Toyota GR Supra