PUMA and BMW M Motorsport have recently unveiled their collaborative effort, aiming to blend elements of automotive design, art, and fashion. This collaboration serves as a tribute to the centennial celebration of renowned artist Roy Lichtenstein, uniting his iconic BMW Art Car with PUMA’s distinct fashion sensibilities. The capsule collection aims not only to mark the artist’s 100th anniversary but also to reintroduce the spirit of his influential work to a new generation of art and fashion enthusiasts.

The third BMW Art Car, a transformed BMW 320i Turbo, made its artistic debut in 1977 under the creative vision of American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Adorned with Lichtenstein’s recognizable “Ben-Day dots” artwork, the car’s design created a visual illusion of a dynamic landscape, symbolizing the sun’s movement during the twenty-four-hour Le Mans race. The car achieved notable success, securing 9th place overall and first in its class.

The collaborative collection between PUMA and BMW M Motorsport seeks to revive the essence of this iconic Art Car. This limited-edition capsule showcases Lichtenstein’s artistic prowess alongside PUMA and BMW M Motorsport’s dynamic styles. Reflecting the spirit of the BMW Art Car project, the collection pays tribute to an artist known for blurring the boundaries between high and low art.

The meticulously crafted ensemble includes a jacket, pants, tee, cap, and PUMA Suedes, all inspired by the captivating design elements of Lichtenstein’s BMW 320i Turbo Art Car. The visual language of “Ben Day dots” and a vibrant color palette combine to create a striking aesthetic. The Art Car Collection by Roy Lichtenstein from PUMA and BMW M Motorsport is positioned as a collector’s item and is currently available in selected PUMA stores and online at puma.com.