Although the new BMW M Visualizer has been up and running since April, it’s only now the revamped website is being brought to our attention by the German luxury brand. A new official video shows you how it works, allowing visitors to pick from more than 150 colors. It’s not just for M cars since M Performance models can also be configured. In fact, even lesser vehicles that only have the M Sport Package are customizable.

The website has a built-in search tool that allows visitors to search for their favorite colors. In addition, there are a couple of filters, one for the color effect (uni, metallic, matte aka Frozen) and another for the base color: blue, violet, red, brown, orange, yellow, green, white, gray, and black. You can use both filters to narrow your selection to only show the colors you’re interested in.

Once you’ve built your dream car, the BMW M Visualizer has a digital brochure feature encompassing a walkaround video along with images of the car in the fictional M Town. The finished configuration can also be shared on Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or via e-mail. In addition, you can copy the link to your build and show it to friends and family.

The website is not perfect, though. The M2 is still missing, even though BMW showed the G87 in Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue back in May. In addition, if we remember correctly, the old Individual Visualizer website allowed you to choose from a variety of wheel designs, which doesn’t seem to be the case here. Perhaps it will be a future addition. We’d also like to see M Performance Parts being integrated into the website, along with interior upgrades.

Despite its shortcomings, the BMW M Visualizer is a much-needed upgrade over its predecessor, and it’ll hopefully get better in time. Meanwhile, you can already configure recently launched M Performance products such as the X1 M35i, X2 M35i, i5 M60, and the M760e.

Source: BMW / YouTube, BMW M Visualizer