Available to private teams in the first half of the 2010s, the BMW Z4 (E89) race car was built to meet FIA GT3 specifications. This wild build started out in life as a track-only variant of the rear-wheel-drive sports car and was actually raced back in the day but now it has a whole new identity. Built by Florida-based Gooichi Motors for the 2023 SEMA show, this wild contraption will upset purists once they see the engine.

Gone is the “P65” naturally aspirated V8 of the original race car since it had to make way for a Mercedes V12 with a supercharger strapped on. It took a full year to create this one-of-a-kind project with an “M120” unit that surprisingly fit inside the engine bay without any major modifications despite being much bigger. Showcased at Toyo’s booth, the hardcore machine has its twelve-cylinder powerhouse linked to an HGT six-speed sequential gearbox.

Although it looks even more bonkers than an original Z4 GT3, it has been converted to street use believe it or not. It rides on fifteen52 centerlock forged wheels while the custom body is a mélange of carbon fiber and fiberglass. At the back, the gigantic wing made by BYC sticks out from the body and has carbon fiber end plates with “GT3” logos. That diffuser is also likely visible from the moon, providing more than enough downforce to keep the car glued to the tarmac.

It hasn’t been put on a dyno just yet, but Gooichi Motors is targeting at least 1,000 horsepower. Ideally, that supercharged Mercedes V12 should deliver a colossal 1,500 horsepower. Since it started out in life as a genuine race car, this Z4 GT3 has a stripped-down interior with a full roll cage and bucket seats with a Momo racing harness. The passenger seat was added in as the car originally had an endurance fuel tank, so they had to cut the floor. While the interior is all business, it does have one important feature as air conditioning was added. After all, the car was born in Florida…

Source: Larry Chen / YouTube