As 2024 unfolds, the highly-anticipated new BMW X3 (codenamed G45) takes the spotlight in the BMW world. Test mules for the 2025 BMW X3 have already hit the road, and the latest sighting in Germany offers a glimpse of its production series headlights. True to form, these headlights bear a striking resemblance to those found on the recently revealed BMW 5 Series, X1, and X2. Notably, the iconic kidney grille maintains its traditional proportions, avoiding the oversized trend seen in other BMW models. (See the spy photos here)

Top Model: BMW X3 M50

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The rest of the front-end gives us the impression that this is not the top X3 M50 model, but rather an entry-level X3 with a base package. Flushed door handles can be seen on the side while the rear end shows a pipeless design. The taillights are hardly a surprise also: two parallel light bars extending into the trunk with an X motif wrapping around the fenders. There is also a roof spoiler and a tailgate, as you’d expect to see on a crossover.

There is a lot of excitement for the next-generation BMW X3 lineup, as it’s poised to make history by utilizing two distinct platforms. The traditional and plug-in hybrid X3s (codenamed G45) will adhere to the CLAR platform, while the all-electric iX3 (codenamed NA5) will adopt the NEUE KLASSE platform. These divergent architectures offer the potential for distinctive design elements and futuristic interior innovations.

iDrive 8.5 and Still a Curved Display

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Speaking of the interior, one standout feature in the G45 BMW X3 is the completely redesigned dashboard with a curved dual-screen display, serving as the centerpiece for the car’s latest infotainment system. The dual-screen display is divided into two halves, with each half dedicated to specific functions. The iDrive system in the G45 X3 is expected to debut BMW’s latest iDrive 8.5 system.

The G45 BMW X3 will include a wide range of powertrains, from the X3 20, X3 20d or X3 30 for gasoline models, to X3 30e plug-in hybrids. The top model will be the 2025 BMW X3 M50. Notice the lack of the “i” denotation which used to stand for fuel-injected engines. Instead, the “i” now becomes solely an indicator for electric BMWs, just like we’ve seen on current models. Speaking of the X3 M50, the M Performance Model will be powered by an updated B58 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine making at 382 horsepower.

Production of the G45 BMW X3 will begin at the Spartanburg Plant in Summer 2024. We expect first units to arrive at U.S. dealerships in early fall.