BMW Z3 enthusiasts in Slovakia had a reason to celebrate this year when the first-ever club dedicated to this iconic car model was launched. The inaugural meeting took place at the Bernolákov Mansion, where owners and fans of the BMW Z3 gathered to celebrate their passion for this classic vehicle. From there, they embarked on a scenic drive through the beautiful landscape, starting in Pezinok and continuing to Pezinská Baba, where they participated in the Veterans’ Grand Prix. The route led them through Lozorno, Stupava, Bratislava, and finally to Čunov.

One of the most iconic roadsters in the world

The BMW Z3 SK/CZ Club was officially founded in January 2023, fulfilling the dreams of Norbert Bozóky, the club’s founder, who had long wished to establish a community dedicated to this iconic model in Slovakia. The club’s primary objective is to unite Z3 owners in Slovakia, offering them a platform for sharing experiences and information. As these vehicles are from an era when cars were less reliant on electronics, the club also includes a technical forum to aid owners in maintaining and servicing their cars. Tips regarding repairs, finding spare parts, and detailing are actively encouraged within the club.

After the successful inaugural gathering of BMW Z3 owners, which saw 35 vehicles from Slovakia and abroad, the club prepared for a stylish farewell to the summer season. Another beautiful route was put together with 17 owners joining the event. This destination offered panoramic views of the surroundings, a chance to explore castles and a treasure trove of historical artifacts. Of course, some unique Z3 models were on site, from the E36/7 roadsters to the E36/8 coupes, all in some unique colors.

In the contemporary world of highly stylized automobiles, the Z3’s unassuming aesthetics have gracefully stood the test of time, exuding a certain charm. This compact car possesses a quirky personality that never fails to bring a smile to its owner’s face when they lay eyes on it each morning. Although the diminutive Z3 Roadster may not boast the same level of intrigue as the adored Z3 M Coupe, often affectionately referred to as the “Clown Shoe,” it can arguably lay claim to being the more visually appealing of the two. What’s more, its timeless and driver-centric interior exudes a classic-cool vibe that is only set to become more captivating as it ages.

According to the organizers, the BMW Z3 Club SK aims to bring together enthusiasts and owners of this iconic model, creating a thriving community that continues to cherish and celebrate the enduring legacy of the BMW Z3. With the promise of exciting gatherings and events, it’s clear that the passion for this classic car will continue to thrive in Slovakia.

[Source: BMW Slovakia]