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Is the BMW Z3 a Future Classic?

Tiny European convertibles always get the same derogatory nickname—they’re “hairdressers’ cars.” It’s dumb and unfair but that’s the truth. However, that stigma can actually work in our favor, as enthusiasts. The BMW Z3 is a…

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This Ferrari 250 GT SWB is Actually a BMW Z3 Underneath

Recreations of uber-expensive classics, made from fairly cheap cars, is nothing new. There are entire companies dedicated to making such inexpensive recreations. However, I think this one that recently sold on eBay Motors might have the…

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Who Needs SUVs When You Can Have an Off-Road BMW Z3?

If you’re the kind of car enthusiasts that prefers leaving the beaten path, in search of rougher, more adventurous terrain, you might think an SUV is your best choice. Something like a Land Rover Defender…

$900 BMW Z3 bought sight unseen runs and drives, has Dinan upgrade

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Is the BMW Z3 the Perfect First Project Car?

As a young BMW fan, I desperately wanted a cool project car. Life, finances, and responsibilities got in my way and I could never really justify the cost. However, I’ve never stopped dreaming about a…