Sometimes, luck smiles upon you, and life falls into perfect alignment. For me, that serendipitous moment arrived when I stumbled upon the ideal car for an epic road trip – the 2024 BMW X6 M Competition. It was the week when I embarked on a journey to explore the latest updates in the X6 M Competition, thanks to its Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) makeover. Facelift updates are typically modest, involving minor changes in trim, subtle design tweaks, and updates to customization options. However, this time, the X6 M Competition had undergone substantial transformations. Naturally, I was eager to assess how these changes influenced the overall experience.

My destination was a wedding in Park City, Utah, a 1500-mile road trip from my starting point just outside of Los Angeles. It was the perfect opportunity to acquaint myself with this remarkable vehicle. The BMW X6 M Competition had already garnered a reputation for its outstanding performance. With blistering acceleration and handling that challenges the laws of physics, I wondered how it would fare on an extended road trip.

The answer gradually unfolded as we departed Southern California. During our first pit stop for gas, curious onlookers couldn’t resist approaching us to inquire about the car’s captivating color. This 2024 BMW X6 M Competition was adorned in BMW Individual Wildberry Metallic, an exquisite blend of red and purple reminiscent of an energized acai bowl. I’m from LA in the end. This color not only enhanced the car’s aesthetic appeal but also showcased its redesigned exterior features.

A Bold and Intimidating Presence on the Road

One of the most noticeable changes was the revamped front bumper, now boasting sharper angles that lent the car a stealthy, aircraft-like appearance. The traditional BMW vertical grille bars were replaced by horizontal slats, and the headlights featured a new daytime LED pattern with two sets of chevrons, paying homage to the iconic angel eye running lights of the early 2000s with a modern twist. In sum, the car exuded an intimidating and purposeful aura that prompted other drivers to yield in its presence.

As we continued along Interstate 15 towards Las Vegas, we encountered the relentless heat of the Mojave Desert, even in late summer. Nevertheless, we had little to complain about, thanks to our cooled seats and efficient air conditioning. The adjustable massage settings provided relief for our backs and kept drowsiness at bay during long hours behind the wheel. However, the true gem in the cabin was the heated and cooled cup holders. Their functionality, maintaining drink temperatures on a road trip, was a revelation. While these features weren’t new for the year, the updated infotainment system was.

Cabin Comfort Redefined: Luxury and Technology Meet

The updated 14.9-inch infotainment display and 12.3-inch instrument cluster seamlessly integrated into a single curved display, accompanied by the new iDrive 8 software. It offered a clean and user-friendly interface, though it did necessitate the removal of some HVAC buttons found in earlier models. Nevertheless, temperature controls remained easily accessible, and the voice control system operated flawlessly.

iDrive 8 also introduced a plethora of customization options, with widgets on the home screen for weather, navigation, audio, and TPMS data. These widgets could be rearranged to one’s liking, providing a snappy and intuitive user experience. The wireless Apple CarPlay connection was swift and hassle-free, further enhancing the car’s luxurious feel.

Merino Leather M Sport Seats

One often underappreciated aspect of the driving experience is the seats. The heated, cooled, and massaging Merino Leather M Sport seats in Individual Ivory White and Atlas Grey were not only comfortable but also highly adjustable, offering lumbar support, bolsters, and extendable thigh support. They struck a remarkable balance between holding you securely during spirited driving and ensuring you felt refreshed after long hours on the road. The massage function, though unconventional, contributed to improved blood circulation, combating fatigue on extended journeys.

Under the Hood: A Powerful Change Awaits

Under the hood, a significant change awaited. The familiar 4.4L S63 V8 engine had been replaced with the S68, featuring numerous updates, including new turbos that spooled up more quickly and a 48-volt mild hybrid system. This electrification didn’t transform the car into an economy vehicle, but it did deliver performance benefits with minimal downsides. The Integrated Starter Generator motor, integrated with the reengineered ZF-8 speed transmission, improved shift quality and fuel efficiency on the highway. It added 12 horsepower and 147 ft-lbs of torque, contributing to smoother acceleration and eliminating torque interruptions between shifts.

Efficiency Meets Performance: The 48-Volt Mild Hybrid System

Although nobody purchases a BMW X6 M Competition with fuel economy as a top priority, the car’s ability to cover more ground with fewer stops was indeed convenient. With an EPA highway rating of 18 mpg, I consistently exceeded that figure on my trip, achieving nearly 22 mpg, with the return journey reaching over 24 mpg. The 22-gallon fuel tank allowed for over 500 miles on a single tank.

The MHEV system played a crucial role in the car’s impressive fuel efficiency. It enabled the engine to shut off and decouple from the drive shaft on the highway, enhancing coasting capabilities. The stop-start system also worked instantaneously at stoplights, hardly requiring deactivation.

The Art of Comfortable Handling: On the Road with X6 M

An M model is expected to excel on the racetrack, and the 2024 BMW X6 M Competition was no exception. Despite its stiff adjustable dampers designed for maximum contact with the road, it managed to deliver a surprisingly comfortable ride. While it may not be as soft as the regular X6 or X5 variants, it still maintained a luxurious feel, even during extended drives. This road trip wasn’t about setting speed records; it was about exploring the car’s versatility as a daily driver and road trip companion. The elevation changes, varied road conditions, and winding routes through canyons provided an ideal test. And the X6 M Competition exceeded expectations, offering a luxurious yet sporty driving experience.

The Price? Not for the faint of heart

The 2024 BMW X6 M Competition embodies the pursuit of perfection without compromise, even at its $146,000 price point. It’s exceptionally fast, handles twisty roads with ease, and maintains its luxurious character on long journeys. Unlike some sporty cars that sacrifice comfort for fun, the X6 M Competition strikes a harmonious balance between speed, space, practicality, and luxury. It’s a vehicle that delivers exceptional value without compromises.

My journey along I-15, in the company of this remarkable car, was unforgettable. The X6 M Competition proved to be one of the best road trip cars on the market. It’s the kind of vehicle that inspires you to hit the open road and keep exploring the world’s highways and autobahns. As Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing.”

For me, any car that quickens the pulse is worth owning, and the 2024 BMW X6 M Competition is undoubtedly one of them.

2024 BMW X6 M Competition

Exterior Appeal - 9
Interior Quality - 9
Steering Feedback - 8.5
Performance - 9
Handling - 8.5
BMWness/Ultimate Driving Machine - 8
Price Point - 7.5


The 2024 BMW X6 M Competition embodies the pursuit of perfection without compromise, even at its $146,000 price point. It's exceptionally fast, handles twisty roads with ease, and maintains its luxurious character on long journeys.