The BMW M3 Touring is one of our dream cars. Ever since it was announced, maybe even before that, we knew this is a car we would love to own. But unfortunately, BMW decided against bringing their first M3 Wagon to the United States. The reasons vary, from homologation issues to sales projections, and others, but in the end one thing matters: we will never get the M3 Touring in the U.S., at least not in this configuration.

The Perfect Daily Driver

We were determined to secure some seat time, but our efforts were often thwarted during our several days in Europe this year. The stars never seemed to align; whether it was due to production delays, our own tight schedules, or the unavailability of press cars. However, our fortunes took a turn for the better on the eve of the 2023 Munich Auto Show. We reached out to BMW with a simple request: a day with the highly sought-after M3 Touring. We weren’t concerned about the specific specifications or the color; all we craved was the chance to experience the thrill of driving this remarkable car.

Autobahn and Curvy Roads

Fast forward to a beautiful Sunday and an equally beautiful BMW M3 Touring in Brooklyn Grey was waiting for us in Garching, a suburb of Munich. Fully loaded, but lacking the carbon bucket seats (thankfully, honestly), this M3 Touring Competition was our trip companion from Munich to Tegernsee, a popular weekend spot. On the way there, we would have the chance to sample the M3 Touring at high autobahn speeds – we did at 275 km/h – and also experience some curvy roads where we could test the car’s capabilities.

With two additional passengers, and some luggage, it also gave us the chance to test the versatility of the M3 Touring. Because in the end, this M3 Wagon is more of a family M car than a track weapon. In the video review below, you can hear our thoughts on the car, from a design perspective as well. Additionally, we will answer an important question: why would anyone buy an M3 sedan over the M3 Touring?