More than eleven years after the last BMW 1 Series M Coupe was delivered, the BMW 1 Series M Register brought together no fewer than 80 examples of the compact sports car at a meeting at the Nürburgring. The annual meeting of the 1M club attracted a total of around 160 participants from 10 countries: Dubai, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, among others.

BMW 1M MotoGP Safety Car was present

Photo by René Hey Cannoneer

The cars were also a diverse range, with everything from standard models to heavily modified vehicles. One of the highlights of the event was the presence of the original 1M pace car from the MOTOGP. This car was used to lead the field at some of the most prestigious motorcycle races in the world, and it was a real treat to see it in person. Another special guest was the press car from BMW UK, which was driven by Youtuber Joe Achilles.

The event kicked off with a meet and greet at the BMW M Showroom on the Ring Boulevard. Here, participants had the chance to meet the other owners and learn more about their cars. They also had the opportunity to watch a personalized video greeting from Kay Segler, the former BMW M boss who is considered the “father” of the 1M. After the meet and greet, the cars were parked on the Ring Boulevard for a photo opportunity. This was a truly unique sight, and it was clear that everyone was excited to be a part of it.

Photo by VOS photography

A total of 6,331 units were built, almost all of which left the Leipzig plant in one of the three officially offered colors: Valencia Orange, Sapphire Black and Alpine White. But there were three special 1M models that rolled out in 2011 featuring BMW Individual colors, including Monte Carlo Blue. There is a rumor also that formed BMW M CEO Kay Segler also owns an 1M in this special color. Inside, the black leather was paired with the Monte Carlo Blue stitching. One of them can be seen in these photo: The Java Green 1M.

Powered by N54

Photo by VOS photography

The BMW 1M is powered by the N4 twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter I-6 engine. For the 1M, the turbocharger, exhaust system, and ECU have been revised to produce 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque, though up to 369 pound-feet are available temporarily in overboost mode. Redline is found at 7000 rpm. The M button on steering wheel offers a more aggressive throttle response by changing engine mapping of N54B30TO engine.

The next stop was a tour of the Eifel region, followed by a photo shoot on the Start / Finish section of the Nürburgring GP Track. After a long day of driving and exploring, everyone gathered for a delicious dinner at the famous Pistenklause local restaurant.

[Photos: René Hey, Cannoneer Photography / VOS Photography]