We’re merely days away from witnessing the double premiere of the next-generation MINI Cooper hatchback and Countryman, both of which will break cover in electric guise. Until the world premieres at IAA Munich in Germany next week, the British brand part of the BMW Group is sneaking in one final teaser. We don’t get to see the actual cars but rather the focal point of their interiors – the new infotainment system.

Originally revealed at the end of July, the new 9.4-inch OLED display is being showcased at Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany. The MINI Interaction Unit built specifically for the event highlights the infotainment’s customizability by showing multiple themes that owners will be able to pick from depending on their preferences. The round display itself was created in collaboration with Samsung Display Corporation and is touted as benefitting from “the most advanced OLED technology.”

Hanging from the ceiling of the MINI Interaction Unit are LED light bulbs arranged to preview the oh-so-familiar shape of the three-door hatchback. We’ll see the real thing in a few days at IAA before it enters series production in China. As a refresher, the purely electric Cooper won’t be built in Oxford anymore as the assembly is being relocated to a new plant in Zhangjiagang. The decision was taken in 2019 when BMW inked a deal with Great Wall Motor to create Spotlight Automotive, a 50:50 joint venture. It’s also the place where the small Aceman crossover will be made from 2024.

The core BMW brand is also attending Gamescom with the new 5 Series Sedan in the fully electric i5. It has a video game-inspired body wrap and iDrive 8.5 with the AirConsole app for playing casual video games. Later in 2024, a new version of the popular “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” title will be added to the portfolio. As with the current games, your smartphone will serve as the game controller while the screen is going to be the car’s 14.9-inch display. The freshly built X5, X6, X7, 7 Series, and the XM also support AirConsole.

After Gamescom, BMW will be heading to IAA Munich to unveil the Vision Neue Klasse.

Source: MINI