Specialized in modifying BMWs, MINIs, and the occasional Toyota, AC Schnitzer has a real treat for owners of select M models. A newly developed set of forged wheels significantly cuts weight while adding visual drama thanks to a striking finish. The AC4 set combines 20-inch wheels for the front axle and 21-inch wheels for the rear in the case of the M3 G80 Sedan, M3 G81 Touring, M4 G82 Coupe, and M4 G83 Convertible.

According to the German tuner, weight is reduced anywhere by 25% to 35% compared to a traditional cast wheel. Consequently, you get a front wheel that tips the scales at just 11.8 kilograms (26 pounds) whereas the slightly larger rear wheel weighs 12.8 kg (28.2 pounds).

AC Schnitzer also sells this set in a 21-inch size both front and rear for those who own an M5 F90 or any of the three M8 models: F91 Convertible, F92 Coupe, and F93 Gran Coupe. The forged wheel weighs 12.8 kilograms (28.2 pounds) and comes wrapped in 275/30 R21 front and 285/30 R21 rear tires.

The one-piece wheel comes with a so-called Techgold eye-grabbing finish featuring a clear lacquer and a spoke design said to take after the rotor blades of a helicopter. AC Schnitzer fits a pentagonal hub cap as a nod to past wheels offered by the aftermarket specialist.

BMW has its own new wheel upgrade for those willing to splurge extra cash as the M2 G87 can be had with centerlock wheels to mimic race cars. The ultra-exclusive 3.0 CSL also gets this setup, and chances are it won’t be too long before other M models will follow suit to further broaden customizability.

As a final note, BMW is now offering massive 23-inch wheels from the factory on its high-end models. You can even get the compact X1 with a 21-inch set by going for the optional set from the M Performance Parts catalog.

Source: AC Schnitzer