The BMW M3 Competition xDrive is a beastly thing. Its on-paper 503 horsepower seems pretty underrated, as the M3 xDrive has a GT-R-like ability to pummel the pavement into submission and put down outrageous performance figures. So what’s it like with 750 horsepower? As it turns out, according to this video from AutoTopNL, it’s an absolute animal.

In this new video, you get to check out an M3 Competition xDrive that’s been tuned by Pure Turbos, who are known for making absurdly powerful cars. It’s a 2023 model year, which means it has the newest interior with iDrive 8 and all that jazz. But what’s most important is what’s under the hood. Thanks to upgraded turbos and a tune, among other things, it makes an astonishing 750 horsepower. It also has an upgraded exhaust with a less restrictive catalytic converter and it sounds much deeper and angrier than the standard exhaust.

Being an M3 Competition xDrive, it uses an eight-speed automatic, as that’s the only transmission option available, and it’s all-wheel drive. That last bit is important. In generations past, if you tuned an M3 anywhere near 750 horsepower, it would do nothing but shred its rear tires to pieces. Now that it’s all-wheel drive, it can actually put its power to the ground and generate some serious speed. The auto ‘box really helps, too, as its gearing really wakes the engine up. It does that normally, so I can only imagine what it’s like with 750 horsepower. Many enthusiasts would claim to prefer a manual transmission but the eight-speed auto actually suits this sort of powertrain better, especially after a tune.

This specific M3 Competition xDrive is Pure Turbos’ own car, as it’s a development car to finish tweaking its state of tune. So it actually might get even better soon. Once Pure Turbos finalizes the tuning package, it will be available for customers with M3 Competitions, though it’s unclear if that tune will be available on the standard M3 and, if so, how much power it will make.

It’s a pretty spec, too. I don’t usually like Aventurine Red on sporty cars, as I feel it’s more of an elegant, luxurious color better suited to cars like the 7 Series. However, this one with the black wheels and yellow headlights looks sharp.

The M3 Competition is odd for an M car, in that it doesn’t feel like a traditional M car but it’s still fantastic in its own way. It’s brutal and shockingly effective at delivering speed. It has razor sharp steering and absolutely tenacious grip, especially with all-wheel drive. In years past, giving the M3 too much power would completely ruin the character of the car. Now, it actually improves it.