MINI is currently undergoing its generation shift, as it finally moves on from the models it’s been selling for almost a decade. As its new models have started to reveal themselves, we’ve seen that the new design language is familiar but fresh and, so far, mostly looks good. The MINI Cooper 2-Door hatchback was revealed in its entirety and it proved to be a handsome, charming little car. But to see what it might be like with two extra doors, this render shows off what it might look like as a 4-Door hatch. (We don’t own the render but you can see it here)

There isn’t a huge need for a four-door MINI Cooper, to be honest. Its backseat is barely big enough for humans and it’s barely bigger back there than it is in the standard MINI 2-Door. However, it does offer easier ingress and egress to the back seats when you’re loading children in, so it isn’t entirely useless. Which is actually while it’s still sold, as there are families who live in cities that need a car that’s both small and fuel efficient but can fit their child seats.

MINI Cooper 2-Door, for reference

This render shows those customers what the next-generation of MINI 4-Door might look like when they trade their current car in. And it looks quite good. This new design language lends itself well to have four doors (technically five, including the rear hatch) and it looks pretty natural. While the 2-Door will always be more handsome, as it’s the more traditional looking MINI, this render looks more natural than the outgoing MINI 4-Door does.

When it eventually debuts, this new generation of MINI will be built on a new chassis, which is lighter, stiffer, more spacious, and more high-tech. It will feature updated engines, far better cabin technology, and even a much improved electric version.

However, it’s the cabin technology that will really attract customers. The new MINI infotainment system looks fantastic, built in to MINI’s traditional circular screen. In fact, despite being crammed into a single circle, rather than the dual iDrive screens, MINI’s version actually looks less confusing than BMW’s new iDrive 8.5/9. It looks more intuitive and seems to have a more touchscreen-friendly user interface. We’re excited to jump inside a new MINI, test out its new tech, and—most importantly—drive the darn thing. We’re all going to see what it’s like in about a year’s time.

[Source: Motor1]