BMW was one of the first brands to start working with recycled materials and various environmentally conscious fabrics and plastics, back with the BMW i3 in 2014. Since then, though, the Bavarians have slowed their efforts to use animal-free interiors. However, while BMW was farting around by not offering vegan interiors, its competitors have caught up to the times and offer vegan cabins. Now, though, BMW is back and it’s offering Veganza vegan leather choices.

Coming in July 2023, BMW X1, iX1, and 2 Series Active Tourer owners will be doing their bit for the planet. Those are the three first regular production BMWs to offer vegan interior and they’re finally bringing BMW up to speed on the times.

Interestingly, BMW is offering three different vegan interior colors: Black, Mocha, or Oyster. If you like sporty cars, fear not, as there’s also an M Sport package with black Alcantara/Veganza interior and blue contrast stitching.

I’m also curious to sit in these vegan seats and notice anything different. BMW has long offered leatherette, but it’s been infamous for not wearing well, being less comfortable, and not looking as good. However, this is the first time BMW has ever brought vegan bits in a car other than the i3 before.

The first car to get it will be the BMW X1, which does make a bit of sense, actually. The X1 is relatively inexpensive and often treated as purely a road car, which makes it accessible. After that, the all-electric BMW iX1 debuts and that should be pretty similar to the X1’s. Lastly, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, which is just the van version of the X1, so again pretty similar. However, there will be more cars coming with vegan interiors in the future.

As someone who isn’t vegan and eats all of the bacon I can find, I’m happy BMW is doing it. Inclusivity is hugely important in this modern era, so allowing vegans to buy this Bimmer without having to make personal compromises is great.  BMW didn’t reveal any photos of what it looks like but expect it to look similar to the standard seats, only without leather. What would be great is if BMW brought the i3 interior materials back, as those were lovely, vegan, and recyclable.